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Feedback? Curious to hear your ideas!

Hey, team! I recently posted a gig on Fiverr. This gig focuses on resumes (writing, editing, and proofreading). You can find my gig here.

I’m curious to hear your reactions, thoughts, and feedback.

  • Can I make any changes?
  • What can I do to improve my offering?
  • Do you think I should do anything differently?

It seems okay. The main gig image is identical to your other gig image though and they’re supposed to be different. Maybe one of the images in the gig could show something CV related or an example of the CV you create. It could have an FAQ section but you could add one later when you get more questions.

For your other gig (about writing/editing/proofreading gig descriptions) - I’m not totally sure if Fiverr is okay with those gigs now. Also in the premium package it says “Includes unlimited reviews for 12 months.”. It might be clearer to change it to revisions instead of reviews (if that’s what you mean), and also “for 12 months” would be more than the 30 days of service limit in the Terms of service. It also has the revisions value set to 3 rather than unlimited.

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Hey, @uk1000! I so appreciate your thoughtful response. Thank you!

I’ll be sure to update the images soon. I look forward to creating an FAQ section soon, too. Helpful information, for sure.

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