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As we all know, feedbacks is an integral part of a success business on fiverr especially for newbies sellers on fiverr as it makes more buyers either to or not buy from you. Interestingly though, many buyers will always be reluctant in dropping feedback even after you expend all energy on a project for days. All they simply do, is take their delivery and go, not even manually marking the order as complete.

If you have been a victim of such you know what I mean, you get a little disappointed even after the order has been automatically marked as complete by fiverr after 3 nights.

Well, I am going to drop the simple sentence and logic I use in getting 70% of my buyers to drop a positive feedback. Take note, I didn’t say 100% because there will always be that buyer who doesn’t care.

Here’s mine:

I must confess that this has been the most interesting project I have done. Thanks for granting me the privilege of working for you.

“Please feel free to leave kind feedback in reciprocating my excellent work”


Do well to also drop your formula great sellers.

Interestingly, I also tried using different messages and methods of getting buyers to leave feedback but never managed to get more than 60-70% of them to leave feedback. I don’t ask them any more and it is still at that figure. I think buyers who leave feedback are going to do it and those who aren’t, won’t!

That is universally true!
Thanks for your contribution eoinfinnegan.

same here…i also tried dropping messages to my buyers for the feedback but still some buyers need only their work to be done and don’t care about the rest…Dropping feedback must be compulsory for the buyers at fiverr…don’t you think so?

It’s going to be around a third of buyers who leave without a review. I also left a message with something saying “if you’re super happy, be sure to leave a review!” or something and… my stats didn’t change. So now I just deliver with some notes about whatever I’ve just written while making it clear that if they need a modification to just let me know.

Let’s face it, some of those buyers may have considered giving a less-than-perfect review but knew that could ruin your business, so were kind enough not to do so. Be careful what you wish for, in other words.

All told, a bit of a non-issue. It didn’t really bother me in the beginning, and it continues not to bother me. Bad reviews are another ball game which I do take seriously…

You are right…its better to have no review then a bad review.

Don’t forget that compulsory reviews might also lead to malicious bad reviews as “you can’t tell me what to do!” – 1-star.

Right…i think very few may be one or two have 100% rating because of buyers not dropping feedback despite of giving there 100% in fiverr…but star rating does not affect with the feedback so sellers must not bother for no feedback from the buyer…

I buy gigs occasionally and fiverr also sends reminders to buyers to leave feedback & those who don’t want to leave feedback for whatever reason will not regardless of what you ask them. Some sellers do offer “incentives” for feedback though.

Yeah, I completely agree with. But unfortunately, it is at the discretion of butter to do so.
We hope it will get better!

That’s a big point you pulled out there!.

Thanks Emmaki!

Funny, but true :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s true Markp I have got alot of tips in place of reviews some. Though, the ones that give are most likely to drop a feedback as well.

"Tips goes along most times with feedback "

I never asked Someone to leave a review but still the percentage is about 70/30.

That’s a killer sentence.

We use kind of different approach. Rather than asking them directly to leave a feedback, we say something like this :

‘Do let us know if you have any question before posting a 5 star review on our service’.

^ This has been helpful for us and we have been getting reviews from most of our buyers, most of the time.

You have 97 reviews–how many sales have you made?

EDIT: I mean total. Your Analytics page should have it (though lately I’ve come to the conclusion that the “sales created” metric includes sales canceled pre- or post-delivery, but that’s by the by)