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Feedback I Sent to Fiverr Earlier Regarding Current Concerns with the Platform

Hi folks, earlier today I sent the following email to my contacts in Fiverr to request they pass our concerns on to the product development team.

Following our email exchange yesterday regarding changes to Fiverr, I just wanted to pass on some forum feedback on three issues which are currently causing concern. The first of these you will definitely be familiar with, the other two I will provide some context.

The first issue is order cancellation and impact on analytics and levels, when the order cancellation was not the seller’s fault. Examples might include ordering the wrong gig, not providing enough detail, etc. I know this has been talked about a lot, but I would say it is probably the single biggest order-related issue that sellers have with the platform right now. I know it’s a difficult problem to solve, but if there were a good solution I think that would create a lot of goodwill from sellers.

The second issue is sellers needing to close orders manually once they are completed, rather than them closing automatically after three days. I think this is currently in beta / test, but having to go in and close orders ourselves feels like unnecessary administrative overhead. There also seem to be some more general concerns about how orders are now delivered / closed, and notifications to buyers. Might be worth looking at any changes being made to that process.

The third issue is about reviewing requirements and letting the buyer know we have everything we need. I think this is a great idea in principle (it is something many of us did before it being mandated), but the implementation could be smoother. Firstly, the system sends a notification about receiving the order, and just ten minutes later tells us to go back to the buyer - notifications that fast, especially for sellers with lots of orders, could quickly clog up notifications. Secondly, the system only allows you to send one of two pre-written responses, rather than our own quick responses. Giving the ability to use quick responses there would be great. (Note, this may have changed as I haven’t delivered an order in a little while, and one forum user said they could now use quick responses there.)

Just wanted to let you all know.


You should have closed it with “Fix it or I’ll walk” :smiley:


I haven’t had to independently seek out work since joining Fiverr - there is a lot I will put up with to avoid having to apply for jobs again!


That second point you addressed is new to me and I’m saying a prayer that they don’t roll that out. That’s the LAST thing I need is manual order closing. Also feels like it could lead to abuse from some sellers. The three day automatic complete is great, I don’t get why that’s being tampered with?

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Here is the response from Fiverr - I think you are going to like the first one!

The first issue is order cancellation and impact on analytics and levels, when the order cancellation was not the seller’s fault.
One of our product managers shared right before the level system was active that certain cancellations will not be counted in the level evaluations. I am guessing that the ones who are still very concerned did not see this announcement, so I am pasting it here. :slight_smile:

"We have been listening to all of your feedback about Order Completion and appreciate your time and effort sharing it. We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided. currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations and in the near future, this will be updated. Orders which are placed by mistake and fraud orders will not be considered in the automatic demotion/promotion.

Additionally, if a competitive seller is attempting to negatively impact your cancellation rate, report that to Customer Support immediately. We will take the appropriate action and make sure that your account is protected from penalties."

The second issue is sellers needing to close orders manually once they are completed, rather than them closing automatically after three days.
This is indeed in a testing phase right now. The idea is that sometimes when an order is completed automatically, both buyers and sellers encounter issues and we actually heard from a very large amount of our community (buyers and sellers) that having the option to manually control this would be valuable. But, this additional feedback is good and will absolutely be considered.

The third issue is about reviewing requirements and letting the buyer know we have everything we need.
This was updated yesterday, actually. You can now use Quick Responses and more enhancements are likely to be coming in the future. :slight_smile:


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This may be old data, Paul. I just wrote a business promotion letter for a hotel that boasted that it was located in the US city that had the most breweries per capita in the US. So, when I saw your post, I looked it up. Here is the most recent info I could. Montana is right up there. But then I think Montana is in the top 10 for alcohol consumption per capita. :roll_eyes:

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I just checked, and we no longer hold the crown for most breweries per capita - this is a sad day - AVL is now third… :frowning:

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I’d love to know what those issues really are.

Buyers want to be able to cancel after leaving seller to work after being unavailable for feedback for days on end?

I’m trying to think of plausible issues that couldn’t be resolved with a simple conversation between buyer and seller.

All the scenarios that arise in my mind involve one party or the other behaving unreasonably. That can’t be fixed with a change to the frontend.

I’ll be happily corrected on the matter if someone wants to expand my mind :smiley:

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Bend, Oregon was the place reffered to in the letter I wrote and they boasted being number one too. But AVL is one spot ahead of them. :wink:

Leave it to you Paul to get a “real” reference like Forbes! :smile:

One is the lead distiller at a local distillery. He is also a homebrewer with a degree in beer brewing. They distill beer now and it is rather tasty.

@daviddoer Thank you for bringing us back to the topic. :grinning:

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Although I don’t drink anymore, the beer conversation is much less frustrating than thinking about OT.

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Ok, who’s responsible for this? How on earth was this feedback taken? I really wanna know.


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No one is responsible. It sounds like a lie. Like when you forget to do something hugely important and someone says: “Did you do it?” And you say, "Yes! - And I saw Peter and Carol on my way to the bank and then you’ll never guess what? A Blooming blackbird went and ate my hat in the butchers!"

Too much improv. - It’s always the easiest way to tell.

You all may thank me later. Right now, I have some milk to drink.

I offer my catective services online as well.


I was always more into Sabrina than Salem… Whatever floats your boat, though.

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