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Feedback? I will create for you a professional powerpoint

I started this gig when I needed to make a powerpoint presentation and was swamped with work at the time. I put out a request and ALL the samples I got back were, unfortunately, just not good. I cringe at poorly designed presentations, so thought I’d try it out.

I’ll appreciate any feedback on my gigs and descriptions.



You offer as you say a powerpoint presentation, why not make a video of a powerpoint presentation to show-case your skills? If you’re the best, you’ll get even more results. I do notice also you have your gig set at five days. Try reducing it to at most three as people can search by up to 24 hour delivery, three-day, seven days, and “any” but most people are going to search seven days or below, usually the three day mark. Other than that, I think you can also if the packages are available in that sub-category set it up for a higher price-tag. I can see people paying at least 10 to 15 just for an initial presentation.

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback. I have gone ahead to reduce averages days and now trying to get a video done. Thanks again!

No problem. Best of luck on your gig’s success, :slight_smile: