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Feedback in Need

Howdy, dear members!

Today I’ve come from my trip and suddenly saw that my account is in the bad situation. My teammates have left the team and seem that they didn’t finalize the tasks. I have attached “My Gigs” section. Can I still do something or I should close the account?

Thanks in advance

I personally think that you should close the account, seen your feedback and…yeah.

you still do not have any bad reviews i think. those are your gig stats, which can be improved once you start applying to the buyer requests actively and participating in the forum. reviews are irreversible and will make your gig useless, however this situation can be brought back into hand! good luck!

My Positive rating is 90% and I have 7 negative reviews since my team member didn’t finish the order. Do you thinks that I can still raise up?

I say give up on this account.