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Feedback Modification has been removed

Hi guys, a buyer messaged me saying they made a mistake in their review and wanted to change it. When I went to send them a modification form I get this message:

I wish they did not remove this feature - as ANY discussions tied to feedback is very sensitive. I emailed CS about my issue and am unsure of how they will take it. What are your thoughts on this?


Maybe buyers have an option to edit reviews on their own now?

No lol that would be even more problematic - I wish they just left it at the feedback modification form. This was literally Fiverr’s best option.

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Thanks for the heads up! Another one bites the dust. I never used that feature, anyway. Reading stories about people receiving warnings surrounding feedbacks was scary. :grimacing:

So, I didn’t want to touch it with a 10ft pole.

I’ve had to use this feature atleast a few times a month. Lots of orders = people make mistakes.


Yeah, it would’ve been nice if they got rid of the revision button instead.

A royal pain!


It doesn’t make sense to why they removed this feature. Now people are going to be flooding CS with feedback removal requests. I thought they implemented this form modification so people would quit harassing Fiverr?
I personally liked the feedback modification form because it taught me how to come to terms with a buyer instead of getting frustrated and emailing CS about my pity problems.


That’s suck.
Hey Fiverr , why not eliminate the review system altogether?
Buyer no need to leave review, Seller no need worry bad review.
Fiverr no need hire more CS to handle review.
Seem a good & simple solution.

Only left out how many sales a seller had been made would make sense.
Logically more sales = better.

Review system not really accurate, everyone opinion and expectation are different.
Like the new iPhone I would only rate 4 star, fanboy would rate 5 stars.


Interesting. I would like to hear Fiverr’s stance on why mistake reviews can’t be corrected. :thinking: Humans make mistakes, last I checked. I’ve seen quite a few people mention here about how their buyers didn’t understand the star concept, or give a wrong amount of stars and ask the seller how they can correct it.


Just got back a response from support. Fiverr support just gives me the same response, no they will not remove it, stop soliticing feedback, etc.

Literally the buyer messaged me and clearly stated they clicked too fast and Fiverr still says no.
Can’t wait to get more 3.5 star ratings!


So again, the buyer ADMITS - and can prove that the feedback was wrong - and CS still turns a blind eye to it. Nope, we won’t help. Fiverr seems to want to go downhill, and now with the blind review feedback system - even faster it wants to go.

Come on CS - give us the tool we need to stop pestering you for canned responses. They know this isn’t right and still they care not!


Did you tell support in your ticket that it was a ‘technical error’, as one of the reasons mentioned in your screenshot?

From my point of view, a buyer clicking too fast, having big fingertips and a small phone screen, etc., should count as a technical error.

If such things would count, I wouldn’t find the removal of the option too bad, as the reasons they give are really the only valid reasons I can see to request feedback revision.

Actually, if the bad feedback resulted from a technical error, abusive buyer behaviour or is a TOS violation as stated in the screenshot as valid reasons to ask support for removal, then at least in the latter 2 cases, I’d rather ask support to deal with it than requesting removal from the buyer.
And the “technical error” cases, well, support should know of those, so the errors can be fixed, respectively, like in your case, the tech team should work on a solution that avoids that kind of technical error from buyer side, like showing them an overview of their review and having them actively check a box for “yes, this is the review I want to leave” and a back button if they realize they clicked too fast or the phone did only register 4 stars where they wanted to click 5 or whatever.

So, all in all, I don’t find it too bad, however, cases like yours should be covered.

Generally, I’m for “text only, no stars” reviews, that would nix the whole issue, but that’s a different discussion and since everyone does stars, chances that they’d want to dare swimming against the current and be different are probably low.


Would perhaps have to give a notification to the buyer if the star amount is less than 5, that asks the buyer to confirm if that’s intentional to avoid mistake reviews. Perhaps at the same time even mention to let the seller know if they could modify anything that was not perfect in their opinion.

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Yep, they still said no and that I was “soliciting feedback.”


I will try that next time.

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Fiverr staff really need to start tuning into reality and fixing what matters. I was hit by a 4.7 (though rounded down to 4.5) review the other day. Fine, it is still ‘not a bad review.’ However, this was one of those orders I was pushed into. The buyer didn’t pay what they should have and I ended up spending 2-days on what should have been an easy half-day job.

In the end, the buyer was thrilled and told me so in several messages. Then comes the fat 4.5 star review.

It’s demoralizing. Moreover, the fact that review bugs have persisted for so long now, diminishes trust in Fiverr from a technical perspective.

Anyway, removing the ability to modify reviews is likely part of the amazing blind review feedback rollout. A.K.A. As a seller, you many only now rate buyers with 5-stars…


I get a sense that they want to leave bad reviews even if the buyer made a mistake,
make it so they can never be changed for any reason, and now make is so sellers can’t even respond and explain a bad review.

What is the purpose of setting things up like this? How does it help? When we had the review bug there was no way the buyer could correct the review that was incorrect due to a bug!

I’ve had buyers in the past ask if they could correct the review that the bug caused and I had to tell them there was no way to do it.

In addition to demoting sellers more, the bad reviews even from bugs can’t be removed or even responded to. What would be a logical reason for wanting sellers to be cast in as bad a light as possible?

Buyer’s are no longer able to scan through gigs to find those sellers with the most reviews. I am trying to think of a reason for the general impression I get that sellers are to be seen in a negative light as much as possible. The attack is on the entire review process.


Google “Rube Goldberg machine”.


Actually, it might make sense. It was suggested a few days ago that this might be a step toward making it possible for buyer reviews to be publicly attached to buyer accounts (i.e., so that we can see all of the reviews buyers have gotten in the past… to get a better idea of how well reviewed they are as buyers). A blind review system (with no option to change reviews) would certainly be a step in that direction, since the reviews a seller would leave for a buyer, would/could be visible and reflective of buyers, just as reviews are currently reflective of sellers. And the value what is said in those reviews becomes even more important.

Now, this isn’t to say that I am thrilled to (soon) no longer have the ability to RESPOND to buyer reviews, but, allowing us to see how buyers were rated in the past, and block the bad buyers would certainly be a feature many sellers have asked for.

So, in that sense, it makes perfect sense to have the current feature removed/changed.

Pfft doesn’t even make sense to me either. Now with the form gone, Fiverr will be getting MORE requests.

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