Feedback Modification has been removed


Exactly. I’ve had buyers tell me they left a 1-star for another seller, got a 1-star review back, but left 5-stars for me. Maybe they genuinely DID have a bad experience with another seller. Unless I see a buyer who’s had like 3 straight negative reviews, I’d be cautious. But that is so rare, come on.


Sellers will be able to block/ignor buyers they don’t wish to work with. Did you not see the recent announcement? :wink:


Yeah but if they buy your gig already you either take a cancellation hit or a possible negative review. What would you do?


This is after the fact, you still have an initial order. Remember this is after you come in contact with the buyer, read again, you still don’t accept or decline orders, so an order can still come through before you block. :wink:


There are no magic solutions that fix every situation.


We aren’t saying that’s the case, but at the same time, you don’t downgrade, this will do much more harm than good especially, especially because of the bugs that exist.


I cannot answer this specifically, because every order, and every buyer is different. I, personally, take orders as they come, rather than worry about what might happen. I also work with buyers to provide solutions rather than just clicking the cancel button automatically, or demanding something that might result in an unhappy buyer.


Perhaps they will add the feature back once they start to get twice as many tickets, all asking them to correct a review buyer placed mistakenly :joy: Though they do have the copy paste prepared for those tickets, so shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds to handle them!


Crossing my fingers lmao


It’s a disservice to potential buyers to not give explanations when there is a bad review left for a seller. It is removal of needed information, just as it is a removal of information to not show the lifetime number of reviews a gig has without making people hover their mouse over each gig.

Why block people from having positive, needed information about a gig and a seller?
It seems like it is meant to discourage sales.

I have no interest in leaving a “blind review” for any buyer. The only time I’ve ever left a review for a buyer was to explain the bad reviews.


I’m nervous to leave feedback now because I don’t want to leave a “Happy to help! Many blessings to you!” If my buyer writes “Damn this chick has some bad readings!” Lol


Just leave a response to a bad review under the next review :slight_smile:


I think Fiverr’s trying to think outside the box and be “revolutionary” compared to other sites but I don’t know, this feedback stuff is odd. But I’m fine with the new blocking buyers, etc. that they added recently.


Has anyone gotten that blocking feature yet?


Then the buyer who left 5-stars is going to think “what the heck is this” and think I’m crazy lol


You can say something to let people know that this buyer was great but that last buyer was crazy. And put a imgur url to direct people to with an explanation there. I’m sure this will be happening now.


A link within my feedback? Oh geez! Is this what Fiverr has come to now lol


Actually, I was just looking through the listings about an hour ago… i’m not seeing the hover-over stats anymore, and all gigs appear to have their lifetime stats listed as before. It might just be me seeing this (i.e., Fiverr’s live testing with only select users), but, it seems as though they walked this one back.

Perhaps there are others that can confirm this as well?


I’m seeing the same thing. Hopefully it stays that way.


Now if they can take our competition’s gigs off of displaying on our gigs, that would help too. Work with us.