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Feedback needed about the impressions, views and clicks stats

Are the stats good?

PS-Please ignore the last one.
PPS-I paused my gigs for a year and retrived them about a month ago so I am basically a new seller with 2 completed orders.


ya its look good… r u got some orders???

No. I haven’t got any so far.

where are you from???

I am from India. Why?

How much time has you been on fiverr??

I created my account on August, 2017 and after completing 2 orders, I paused them for almost a year and came back a month ago.

It means you’ve got 2 orders

I’m new to Fiverr. Last month I created an account

But I have not even got a single order
Can you help me so that the order starts coming to me

Promote your gigs. It seems that fiverr has become more competitive than it was when I left. Improve your gig description, proofread it, put your own image as the dp, respond to buyers requests. Look into fiverr academy, fiverr blog, forum (tips for sellers). I hope you would get an order soon but it is very difficult. I do have two completed orders on my portfolio, have 5 star rating but am not geting any after the break I took.

your gigs performance looking good hopw you will get soon

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Yes. Fingers crossed.

Are you asking her for her stats? Are you serious? If so, that is distasteful. This platform is for honest work.

With quality delivery, yours can be just as good.

In my opinion, they look good for a “new seller”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: After your long hiatus, I hope you start getting orders soon… Here’s to wishing you the best! :two_hearts:

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I hope that too. :joy: and I am wishing all the best to myself as well. :joy: