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Feedback on a service undelivered and charged got

I have a website and I hired someone to do the google ad campaign and a few other things that were mentioned on his add .

He charged me 422$ ,after a few days he told me to mark the order as complete even though it’s not completed because it had cross the time limit .
I have not received any updates from him ,he is not very responsive.

I called the bank and asked them to reverse the charge .


I got the money back from the bank but I wanted to leave a feedback so that others know that all his ratings are not correct,and are misleading .

This was a very disappointing experience.

Is there any advice on how to leave feedback I don’t have the option to leave it since the offer was marked completed .

Thanks in advance

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You performed a charge back. So, I guess you no longer have that Fiverr account active, correct?

Well, you won’t be able to leave feedback anymore since your account which placed the order is likely terminated.

Normally, a buyer has up to 10 days after an order closes to leave a review. I’m not sure if reviews left by an account that performs a charge back are deleted or remain.

-Oh, and you cannot call out specific buyers or sellers on the forum, and you have several accounts appearing on the image you uploaded.


I am new to Fiverr and the forum .So basically he just just my money and got away with it ,not providing the services .Ofcourse I can not trust Fiverr anymore .But his account needs to be reported so that he does not do the same thing to other people

You can report that to Customer Support →

No. Doesn’t sound as if he “got away with your money and did not provide the service” if you called your bank and initiated a charge back. He didn’t get ANY money at all - in fact, he may now OWE Fiverr that money if it had cleared already and he withdrew it from his account here.

When you cancel an order, you do not get to leave feedback. Same when you do a charge back. If you read the TOS, if you initiate and do a charge back on a purchase here, Fiverr will terminate your account and you will be banned from using the site.

I doubt that will be a problem since Fiverr has left a bad taste in your mouth anyways.


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Hmm. Can anyone confirm if reviews left by a charge back buyer are deleted or do they remain? :thinking:

Reviews left by deleted accounts remain, so I’m leaning towards the probability that charge back order reviews remain as well.

reviews remain and they will not necessarily get banned for doing a chargeback

I had one nasty biddy who left a rude comment because well, I dared to go to sleep after delivering her order at 4am. She kept messaging as if I were there waiting on her hand and foot - and got frustrated, called her bank, cancelled the charge (freaking close to $300 - wanted this order in 24 hours), got booted off of Fiverr for doing so, and her shi***y comments were also deleted.

Your mileage may vary though. I didn’t complain about that to customer service, I could care less about her feedback, I was more annoyed that within an hour of receiving the order she did this charge back.

That one still chaps my hide. :smile_cat:


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Every. single. one. who has done a charge back on me has been ceremoniously booted off the platform. I would like to think I had a hand in it - as I do take it up with CS. If I deliver what you ordered and you want to steal from me, you get reported and booted.


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I guess results definitely do vary. :man_shrugging:

I don’t know of anyone who performed a charge back and still retained their account, however.

I know that vulgar/derogatory/inappropriate comments may get deleted. Was her comment such?

Yes. She was a “See You Next Tuesday” type.



He is a smart one …he made me mark the order as complete…no he got the money …he told me that he will finish it by the 7th …but ht hasn’t …I have the chat transcript saved for proof !

When the order is marked as complete, he doesn’t immediately get the money. It is according to the buyers level but usually there’s a two week waiting period to prevent this kind of thing happening. Even if he got the money, they will eventually be deducted from his fiverr balance/future orders. Instead of initiating a charge back from the bank, you could have contact CS to cancel. Charge backs shouldn’t be the answer as it’s against the terms of service.

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CS don’t even reply !!!

I still have my account with Fiverr but you are right ,this experience has left a bad taste and I don’t want to use Fiverr

How long ago did you open a ticket with customer support?

Monday …and I think they reply in 24 hours