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Feedback on first order

Hi Guys, Im new to fiverr and received and completed my first order today. The buyer has marked the order as completed but hasn’t left any feedback at all on the work done.

I feel it would be unfair to ask the buyer to complete feedback on the work and was wondering if Fiverr send a reminder email to buyers encouraging them to leave feedback if they haven’t done so once the order is complete?

If anyone knows how this works I would be grateful for the insight.


You can ask buyer to leave a feedback as that will help you grow. But you can’t ask for 5 star.

Juts ask him to leave a feedback as per the work done if he doesn’t then don’t force to put a review then.

But reminding is not an issue.

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Asking for reviews is not against fiverr TOS. And if you want to make your buyer be comfortable and leave a review only if they decide to without being made to feel like they have to.

see the screenshot attached, i wrote 5-star review and the message box is giving me this warning.

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Same thing happened to me today, i deliered the order person was happy place the second order.
But did not leave the review. I did ask him though before he placed the second order. But i did no insist as i don’t want buyer to feel like that i am begging.
It is part of the business get more order you will get more review

No, Fiverr does not do this. :slightly_frowning_face: However, when a buyer marks the order as complete, they are given :two: opportunities to give the seller a review. It the buyer does not leave a review, it is not by accident. :nerd_face:

I agree with your comment here.

Sometimes buyers want to remain anonymous. :sunglasses:

Sometimes they do not leave a review because they may not be 100% happy and do not want to leave a poor review. :roll_eyes:

Sometimes they are busy and do not want to take the time to write a review. :zipper_mouth_face:

I would not message a buyer back asking them for a review. :flushed:

I am a seller and a buyer on Fiverr, and if a seller chose to ask me for a review, I would be annoyed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: As a result of my annoyance, the seller could even get a poor review! :scream:

So, think carefully before you ask your buyer for a review. :thinking:

yes reminding is not a issue