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Feedback on Fiverr Art Commission Gig!


I have just set up two gigs and am wondering if I could get some feedback on how it could further be improved (aesthetically, info-based, etc). I have not done too much of these formal online commissions, so it would be nice to hear perspective from a buyer and their thoughts.

(I have also included a video of how the commission process works, would this boost exposure, as fiverr says?) - Does Fiverr promote starting gigs at all to some degree, or is this entirely up to me to share it on social media (which I personally prefer not do)

Thank you!

It seems good. It might help if you add the video of the process.
Fiverr does promote new gigs initially I think.

I’d remove the “Via PayPal” text from one of the gig images. Payment has to come through Fiverr only.
You could get in trouble (eg. a warning) if you ask for payment through something other than Fiverr (or direct payments).

Also be careful of trademarked/copyrighted characters - there might be issues if you’re drawing/creating images of characters other people own the rights to.

I see! Got it, that’s good to know!

Thank you so much for your response.

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