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Please can somebody help me out

I just completed a job recently, but I was giving a low feedback. I tried sending an offer today, but Fiverr said I cannot because of my low feedback.

Please advice me on what to do
Thank you

I think the buyer request pages needs about 4.7 or 4.8 average (for the last 60 days I think) before you can send an offer, so if your average is less than that you won’t be able to send offers currently.

You could promote your gig in other places and if it’s based on the last 60 days (which I think it is) after that amount of time, even if you don’t get any more reviews, it should then let you send offers in the BR page I think. Though hopefully with future deliveries the average rating will increase to let you send offers to BR sooner.

Just keep delivering the best work you can, double checking deliveries etc. so you get the best chance of increasing the average rating.

So what your saying is that I can’t send offer until 60 days. I think that’s not good at all what am I suppose to be doing?

Thanks @uk100, new information came to know from you.


You could if someone finds your gig in the search engine (or from off the site like Google/direct link), orders it and reviews and your average reveiw score (for the last 60 days I think) increases to 4.7-4.8 (not sure which).

In the meantime you could promote your gigs, see if there is anything that can be improved with them, keep improving your skills, maybe take a Fiverr course or test. Maybe see if there are additional income sources. Maybe create additional gigs too (you can have up to 7 initially). That may help increase the chance of orders.

edit: According to another poster, the rating you need is 4.5 (90% of 5) - in the last 60 days, not the 4.7-4.8 that I wrote.


You are supposed to provide a great service and keep your statistics high if you want to be able to send BR. Fiverr introduced this system with a purpose so only the best sellers would be able to apply for jobs. If your work is not up to standards fiverr takes you level away or closing your BR requests section.

As for everything else: just follow @uk1000 advice. He already gave you good insights


It feels like am not caught up for freelancing
Thanks for the advice from you all

I think I have to make a decision for myself, either I quit freelancing or I do something else

I read this the other day in an article…

We’ve all been there.
You want it so badly, you can taste it.
You’re so close to that dream, you can touch it.
But then something happens.

You hit a speed bump.

You thought things would be easier, but now you’re confused, turned off, or scared.

You start to panic. You want to quit.
As someone who frequently comes up against speed bumps, I’m guilty of all of the above.

But there’s no road to success without the occasional setback.


Wow what a nice speech do you know how long I have been a freelancer?

Am not even a new seller I don’t need to be treated this way. So for 60 days I won’t be on Fiverr it says alot

Are you referring to the quote from the article i posted? I have no idea how long you been a freelancer. I was just trying to give you some motivation and show you that others come across set-backs as well. Some people choose to find a way to make it through, others throw it all away and call it quits.

Be the person that finds a way.

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Thanks for the advice I really appreciate. But I think I will give myself a break away from freelancing, in other to figure things out

Much love