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Feedback on gig

Hey everyone!

Two months ago, I got my first order. After that, I haven’t gotten any more orders. I also can’t find my gig in the Fiverr search results. I would appreciate if you could take a moment out of your day to take a look at my gig and give me some feedback!

My gig:

You’re doing logo design which is very hard to get sales. There are thousands of 5 star logo design gigs so a 4.7⭐️(1) gig won’t do well.

Graphics design market in fiverr is already saturated. Even old sellers are having hard time to get new orders. But don’t get disappointed. Come up with new ideas which will attract the clients.

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You describe your style as minimalistic. I would say simplistic.

You are selling in one of the most competitive fields in Fiverr and yet your examples are very, very basic.

I think you need to offer something more creative to standout from the rest.