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Feedback on my first Gig?


I’ve just uploaded a video to my gig and made a few edits to the body of the page, so I was looking for some feedback from my fellow Fiverr’s before I actively start putting myself out there.

Is this along the right lines? I’m totally new to the site and haven’t really done any freelance work that didn’t involve a third-party approaching me directly, so any advice or critique would be hugely helpful.

All the best,


Update: Got my first booking today and I’ve just sent over the final product for review!!



I am sure you didn’t mean “review” literally. Just in case - it is the prerogative of a buyer as to whether or not they leave a review.

If they don’t just leave it and move on.

Sellers have complained on the forum that they got a warning because they asked for a review.


Goodness no! :laughing: I just meant for them to listen back to and confirm completion of the order. Thanks for the tips on reviews though, it’s definitely not something I’d be actively asking for; the work should speak for itself and be enough to lead to a review…ideally.

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