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Feedback on my GIGs appreciated

I just joined the Fiverr forum only because of @geceli and @lenasemenkova replies to the GIG review demand I just read. I find their answers intriguing and amazingly precise and worthy and I joined Fiverr forum just to see what will they say about my GIGs.
I do not know can I link them all here, but you learn from mistakes:
Opinion on my video for GIG :smiley:
I did make them in like 30-40 minutes time after 10-hour work on the field, mostly in paintnet to keep things quick and effective, and I would love to hear evaluation of my “work”.
Not just by the two users I mentioned above.
Anyone can share their opinion.
Thank you.
Stay safe.
Best regards.


obviously the gig video looks quite cool<3
I am a web guy:)
obs-overlay isn’t my topic but it looks quite cool best of luck<3

Hi. The video will only make sense to real SF fans :D. I had to do it. It is legacy.

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Well. Welcome to fiverr and thank you for summoning me from my dark corner. :slight_smile:

I can only comment on graphic design because I can’t do anything else.

So regarding the logo gig:

You put accent on color swatches and Photoshop/Illustrator logos instead of your own work. So it’s not clear what you’re selling. It’s hard to see.

  • You don’t need color swatches or Photoshop/Illustrator logos at all in your preview images. Put your work there instead.

  • Also, 2 logos for $5 is way too generous even by fiverr metrics. If you want to risk it and expose yourself to $5 logo buyers, sell 1 for $5.

  • “Pantone included” is a weird selling point. People who buy $5 logos have no idea what pantone is, nor do they need it. I’d remove that altogether.


Thank you!
I had the same idea on how to improve them or better terms is “To make them more business not fun side-job I do on the web.”
When I first discover Fiverr it was (for me, this is just an opinion) a web site for people from poorer countries with access to the internet to provide “cheap” or affordable services whoever needs them and willing to accept the risk coming with hiring someone here. Example - logo design for 5$. I normally in “real” life ask for 100$ just for meeting about logo design. So, of course, I am not a potential seller for Fiverr that expects profit within my standard. But, the big catch is what can I do with 100$ in my country as compared to what can someone do with 5$ in other countries. I had a salary bigger than average in my country and still, I was not able to afford anything beyond bare paying bills and buy food.
Maybe it is a “slap on a wrist” for me for creating this GIG thumbnails on my third monitor as a joke while I was doing vector promo materials on the main monitor. I created GIGs 4-6 months ago and I had 0 interest or orders.
I am in a place where I can not see the forest from all the trees.
Is Fiverr actually a good place for a professional or should I just stay aside and not take jobs from people who are barely surviving?

When I typed in packages I was not thinking “Someone will see this and hire me.”

Plus, the kind of people who are looking for the logo on Fiverr is not my target customer for the logo of 100$ -18k -50k or more.

I have to consider what the logo is worth here. A company that is going to put the logo on millions of things, promo materials, marketing, investment, of course, their logo is more “worth” and they have to and will pay more, and they will not look for that here. Some small family business that is just going to put the logo on door window and a couple of pamphlets will pay less. And it can be the same logo I made for both of them.

Anyway, as you can see, I am puzzled by Fiverr. In quarantine, my mind is overthinking things.

Thank you once again.

No one is stopping you from selling logos starting from $100 (well, $120 to include the commission) as long as those logos (and the gig) look the part and (possibly) have something unique about them.

Fiverr has improved a lot from “just slap together whatever for $5” through the years and I’m sure you can see it reflected in prices and samples being sold, logo category included.

Yes. That is why I am more interested in Fiverr now comparing to 2017 (plus being locked up). But that leads back to original issue. I can put my real worth price on Fiverr but are the buyers on that level of budget on Fiverr? That’s the trick here. I do not see someone on a rank of substantial business (100000$ annual profit and beyond) using Fiverr for something important as logo and branding. So the “target customer” here is twitch guy or youtube kid who needs “logo” or “niche” while still years away from comprehending what those words mean, but they want one, and their budget is, well 5$. And i am willing to do it since it is amusing to me. It’s like when my business client was panicking that her PC is not working and I was on vacation. She begged me to come back to work. I tried helping her over the phone, I asked her all the questions (I skipped one that I do not any more). And I returned from vacation, went to office. She showed me what she was doing, restarting PC over and over to get black screen. I asked “Did you turned on monitor? I have to turn it on? :D” How do you charge for something like that? It is just, more amusing then worth the money you can get from it.

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And to me, to draw something prior selecting PANTONE palette code is just no no no no No. Palette first or last but palette. Otherwise matching colors later in different programs and settings is, why do the job upside down. Do right from the start. I added PANTONE just to confuse Youtube kids, they will see PANTONE and think maybe it is a new program to promote my twitch account, in COLORS :smiley:

What I’m saying is, your logo gig is poorly made. If it’s ironic/intentional and you just put it up as an experiment to see what happens, it’s fine, but it’s still poorly made. Which is why no one buys it - they can’t get an accurate impression of what you’re selling.

If you deliberately made it this way to see what happens, it’s already clear what’s happening. People don’t understand what they’re looking at and what in the world is “pantone”.

Regarding bringing your “real world” prices to fiverr, I don’t. I simplified the work to the point it doesn’t take me an awful lot of time so the compensation is fair. It works amazingly well for me.

I’m pretty sure sellers from the Pro category do, though. Maybe some of the Pros can chime in and elaborate on how it’s working out for them.

That was the input I was missing. I have some concepts in mind but I will change the images to my logo GIG and remove PANTONE from images. I will leave it in extra options. Nobody reads them anyway. Thank you.
EDIT: it is hard to take Fiverr seriously since right now next to logo request there is a request by guy asking for someone to organize his pornographic files on desktop over Team-viewer.
I made him an offer. I asked how many viruses he wants on his computer and spy programs, 10 or 300?

I never used buyer requests so I can’t really comment on what’s going on in there.

Some quotes sellers post are pretty funny, though.

@lenasemenkova Sorry to bother you again but I did some major modifications to my Logo design GIG. I tried to be professional but at the same time not too cold because I am fully aware that as I am new seller I need to keep 5$ price until I gain some momentum, and therefore I will be approach by 5$ mentality clients. I tried to find a balance between those two things when I was creating content for the GIG. If you do not mind checking it again and letting me know did I made some major mistakes or ?? Thank you in advance.

Having your gig previews full of copyrighted logos you didn’t design will get the gig removed. Gig gallery/previews are there to exhibit samples of your own work in a clear, attractive, eye-catching way.

I’d suggest to read fiverr’s ToS and look at how top selling gigs in the category are put together.

Second line of your gig description. “Caching” is missing a “t”.

Eye-caching and attractive thumbnail.

Thank you.

The thumbnails are just screenshots of my modified blog post regarding logo design process from 2017. It is not ment to attract that kind of mentality I am suggesting I had anything to do with those logos but so the client can have a clearer vision on how to proceed and what does he want through questions and samples from real life. Unfortunately I can not select what stillshot will Fiverr use for video presentation and it is unfortunate it is on exact moment of Nike logo, but I use that promo because Nike logo is 35$ logo and it is a swoosh that is not just a swoosh. It represents how logo design is important and that it needs to be preceded with detailed planing and research. I did ask for it to be pre checked by custom service and it was approved yesterday. Thank you for your valid input. But the PDF file can remain, I mean that is the standard questionnaire for pre logo design meeting?
The main problem I am facing now regarding logo design gig is NNN bulletproof contract. i have been working in same place for 15 years. Technically I have no portfolio outside.

Unbelievable. I checked like 19 times today and I changed all my description to all my gigs.

I have Logitech trackball mouse that is acting crazy after last win 10 update so I have huge problems in browser’s and documents. I type and I use trackball to get through text faster and it copypastes randomly from time to time or deletes a letter or word. It is so frustrating to work with faulty mouse.

I will fix that tomorrow. Thank you.

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