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Feedback on my gigs?

Hello fellow fiverrs!

I’ve been on fiverr for about a month now and currently have three gigs. One of them is getting orders and doing quite well, this one:
The other two have not gotten any orders yet.

I’m looking for feedback on my gigs. What do you think? Anything that could be done better?

Thank you in advance! The best,

Edit: moved the post to the correct category. Oops!

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I really like your video for your digital drawing gig, but it doesn’t seem as in demand as the poster creation. While all of your design skills seem top notch and you are showcasing them well, you are in a saturated market. I would suggest looking at the keywords you have listed for your gigs and changing them a bit until you start seeing more orders for them.

You’ve got the best baseline possible so at least you don’t need to work on that. Keep up the good work.


Thanks! Yes the drawing gig is probably the one with the least exposure and the most competition heh. I have considered removing the drawing gig and just focus on the design gigs.

I’ll try and experiment a little with different keywords and see if that helps. Thank you!