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Feedback on my new Fiverr gig please


Hello all, I would like some feedback on my Android App review Fiverr gig. Besides adding a video is there anything I can do cosmetically (or otherwise) to make my gig more appealing to buyers? Thank you for any suggestions and tips, I would really appreciate it.



Maybe mention the benefit of a good review. Sometimes stating the obvious is like an affirmation and perhaps a call to action to reap the benefits now.

To get some more space to write the above you may want to cut the following back into a single point or two as I am sure they are aware if they are into adult or gaming.

I won’t review certain types of apps like adult material or gambling so contact me first before you order this Fiverr if you are unsure whether your app is appropriate or not

Perhaps just simply.

*No adult or gambling apps will be reviewed.

Maybe join an app developers forum or 20 and gently let them know about your service.

Hope some of the above is helpful.



Reply to @brooky: Yeah that definitely is helpful because I never thought about stating the obvious. Earlier I did try looking for forums in which to promote my gig but I’m still determining the best way to promote it in good taste in that venue. Thanks for the advice!



Hi again,

Just a thought for you and all imo.

I was in my adwords account and had a quick check of some terms that may be useful to you to use. Fiverr for me is a new interest but I have some larger sites for many years which are all seo fed. I personally hate joining forums just to promote so always look at Seo first. Facebook etc for me is just a bunch of clickers and very few buyers where Seo gives a much more qualified visitor from my experience.

What I noticed is that you are dealing in what seems to be very small market in search ie: ‘review my app’ or anything similar comes up with a whoppless 70 searches a month but I think you have some gems to uncover if you look at the following.

When doing Seo and trying to find gems one often forgets that people search in the first person. ie: ‘review my app’ as opposed to what most websites have which would be review your app. Therefore in considering a larger catchment for you I thought that people who wanted to promote their app could be convinced that a good review would be an essential ingredient in their promotion. That’s where you come in and sell them a review.

So then I had a look at Adwords for promotion type long tails. By themselves each term is not that large, but I am a coder and I know if you get one to buy you will get ten because we all talk within our own circles, so this is iceburg tip searches that you can actually dominate I believe for around 1000 search mthly min as competing sites are absolutely minimal and mostly very low or no pr value.

Figures below.

review my app mthly 70 allintitle:review my app 12500 sites

how to promote an app mthly 260 allintitle:how to promote an app 5600 sites

promote app mthly 320 allintitle:promote app 120000 sites

promote android app mthly 390 allintitle:promote android app 776 sites

promote your app mthly 210 allintitle:promote your app 3430 sites

how to promote app mthly 320 allintitle:how to promote app 966 sites

promoting apps mthly 90 allintitle:promoting apps 1540 sites

promote an app mthly 30 allintitle:promote an app 8830 sites

So what to do with this. has a google pr5 and this forum a pr2 so they will walk over anything less generally. Interesting though is that I conducted a test with a term and this forum will get indexed faster and higher for any given term than a gig on fiverr from what I have seen. My gig has not been indexed yet but my post has and that is a few days apart.

Therefore imo if I were you, I would go to the My Fivver Gigs page and over a few days so not to worry us all, post about your gig but use headings like,

“review my app service for developers”

“how to promote an app is easy with a review”

“promote app service for when you create an app”

“how to promote app for android”

“how to promote app for apple”

“promoting apps is easy with a review from here”

"promote an app with a great review"

If you do this, then these phrases will be in Fiverrs page when Google indexes your posts. eg: My test to check indexing etc was on a post here called “Can You Beat This Goldfish?” If you go to Google and type it in you may see it on page one as I do. If you look at the source you will see Can You Beat This Goldfish? - Page 1 | Fiverr Forum

So, in my way of thinking, and compared to the low numbers in the allintitle: searches, I think you could build on this approach and alter your page to embrace the new funnel as if you were standing in their shoes.

Then of course this could all be codswallop but I managed to convince myself :slight_smile:


Ps: After all this I hope you don’t mind if I sneak a link back in to my gig. Its like a new born baby and needs some visits and love to help it mature.


Hey thank you very much for that in-depth advice :D. I will try out what you said and hopefully get some great results. I actually have a website in which I am learning how to properly implement seo so this will be good for me. Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to tell me what to do. And good luck with your gig!


@damicom3 Hey Man, I have jumped the gun a bit and given you one of my 10,000 gig widget impressions on my website gigs for free as I was making it. I thought it might be helpful to you. Please let me know if I have s…ed up and I can remove your gig. Details are at the gig.