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Feedback on my website

Hey. I got tired of potential clients asking me to create demos before they decided to hire me, especially several times I did not get a response and I ended up wasting my time. (I work in video editing, and it is quite the hassle to make demos and upload them) so I decided to create my own “portfolio” or advertisement style website which is supposed to show what exactly my service can offer, beyond the limits of the fiverr description. It still could use some work, and I will add onto it as I notice what clients are looking for, but in short its purpose is just to show credibility and prove to potential buyers that I can deliver results. Anyways, i’d like to know if you guys have any thoughts, suggestions, maybe I am doing something wrong? General feedback.



Personally, I don’t like your name being blue with those flashy edges. You can also enlarge your name by a little. I would put your Fiverr badge closer top the top instead of at the bottom. For some reason, the videos has a very slow load time which may just be my internet. If it was just a portfolio for Fiverr, you could have done it on Weebly or something instead of buying your own domain. Other than that, I think that it’s pretty good.

Thanks! Will look into that.