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Feedback on new users after cancelling jobs

What got me worried the last months is that I’ve been approached by new users that don’t know much about how the page works and then once you’re working for them, they don’t like the way Fiverr works or something and wants to cancel.
Also there’s ambiguos works like music that needs to have a safety net somewhere.
I have been several years on Fiverr and have more than 100 sellings but I feel new users are more protected than sellers.
Can it be possible some sort of preventive feedback?
Maybe another seller can check it and decide to work or not with that seller.
Also after repetitive cancellations, can a new user be deleted from the page?
Am I so wrong with this vision?

"Also there’s ambiguos works like music that needs to have a safety net somewhere."
Couldn’t agree more with this. I’ve come across lots of artists that have had scores stolen passed off as word done by someone else. It would be nice if some protection/safeguard were in place.

The repetitive cancellations thing with deleting new users could quickly become a nightmare as some may propose a blanket effect; i.e. applying to all users and not just new. If this becomes the case, many users may encounter problems with people deliberately ordering and canceling gigs just to get the competition out of the way.

It may sound harsh but this has been mentioned several times in past and present forum posts about others users deliberately making things difficult for their competition. But maybe, just maybe a silver lining will surface to ensure a better user experience overall.

Something like the image watermark for the audio delivery could be really useful.
Some clientes changes completely their mind after realizing their songs, or singing isn’t good enough to spend money of it but the work is already done.
Image watermark works perfectly on Fiverr, why not an audio watermark?