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Feedback on order completed two months ago

My order was completed 2 months ago but I noticed now that the work was not done in the right way. When I asked the seller to fix it, he refused. How can I give him a bad note at this stage?


You can’t. Fiverr is giving you 3 days to check the order before it auto completes and 10 days to leave a review.
2 months is a very long period not to check the work.

What in that work was done in the wrong way?


You cannot. As a buyer it is on you to check the work carefully on Delivery.

With buyers I often note that people don’t give a clear enough Brief, don’t research their seller well enough (and I don’t mean just star ratings) but the feel of the person, don’t pay enough to get quality work (even if it seems shiny), don’t understand all the above and let issues slide in the excitement of delivery. It is all part of learning to be a good buyer.

As a Seller I am always careful to be sure things are right. I do this from the first conversation, brief and info job pack that comes over. If any of that is not right I check or walk away. In a Song Mix that is both easier and harder as sometimes people come back some time later saying their mate thinks they know better. There is no right here, only what feels correct for the song at the time. In computers and websites, there are features that need to work (like the calculator that I once let go out unable to calculate - I didn’t make it but should have checked more than assumed). That is all part of learning to be a good seller.

You can try ever so kindly see if the Seller is interested in fixing this but understand that contract is done and the work approved so they have every right to a) ignore you, b) ask a fee, c) block you. Please if you do this take great care.

I too am interested to know what the job and issue is.



Take some responsibility. Two months is a long time.

It is your responsibility as the buyer to ensure the work is done to the required standard immediately after delivery. You have three days to do so.

Your buyer was perfectly entitled to refuse your request.

Why do you want to give him a ‘bad note’ now? It feels a bit vindictive.



The replies so far have covered it. In the past, I’ve given small revisions on completed orders but never beyond a couple of weeks and only for my regular clients, and it does depend on the nature of the revision and what needs fixing. I have been sure to make my revision policy clear in my FAQs to avoid this kind of thing happening, otherwise, there’s nothing stopping anyone from coming back anytime for revisions.

I compare it to other services. For example, going back to a restaurant and complaining about a meal you didn’t like 2 months previously and leaving a bad review because they refuse to cook you the meal again for free. I know it’s not exactly the same thing and I don’t want to come across as facetious but the seller is under no obligation to revise after such a long period of time.


I am totally agree with you.

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It is not vendictive. You should understand that some buyers, like me, have no knowledge of the subject and we relay on sellers to guide us and to help us. I had to study on internet tutorials to undertand what was wrong and it took me a long time. I had to study to fix the problems that the seller made. So pls don’t say that I don’t take responsibility.

this is not the purpose.The meal is different from a website

Sellers may have a different point of views from buyers.

thank you for your answer
I will be very careful in the future ordering from Fiveer.

I stand by my words.


I waste time asking questions if people answer like you.

I will be careful next time buying from Fiveer. Many people don’t give advices but sentences.

As I said, I know this is not the same thing, I was trying to point out that 2 months to review work is quite a long time in any field.

I don’t know the details of your agreement or the seller, but they may have been more flexible or willing to pick up later changes if they’d known some time was needed to review the work. We are here to provide a service and to help our clients, we wouldn’t have any work if everyone could do everything themselves, but for freelancers the terms of service and expectations need to be clear because no one protects us or sets boundaries on our behalf’s.

People like me being an experienced Fiverr seller. Okay… I hear you.

I will spell it out very clearly. In my opinion you are wrong to pursue your seller after two months. And it is vindictive to want to give him a bad rating after all this time.


Alright ! So everything is clear and seller is under no obligations !


If you think seller did not deliver as promised and final product you received is not what you talked about you can simply open ticket with fiverr CS regarding this issue and they will surely help you out…

Do not think of leaving bad reviews, think how you can make your product the way you wanted !

That feels like a snipey answer. Maybe not meat that way but seeing you have sniped at other similar responses I have to assume it is.

Good luck with it but the good sellers you asked for help from don’t deserve this when they gave answers you asked for - I understand probably not the answers you wanted to hear seeing you make it clear you feel you are owed things but “time is the essence” and “buyer beware” are cornerstone parts of all contracts and purchase interactions.

None of us were in that contract. All we can give is the right advice.

You can wallow in ire or you can move forward. All up to you. Just don’t assume that other people actually want to be dragged into your wallowing as we have enough frustration of our own here already.