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Feedback on TRS nomination message and other morale issues

Can we please stop with the fake “you’ve been nominated to TRS?”

We all know it’s not true. Editors are not looking at millions of level 2’s and choosing who gets rejected. Instead, editors only notice a tiny number of level 2’s and choose who they promote.

So I don’t need any more stupid letters telling me I’ve been promoted to TRS when it’s not true, when the very next day I’m gonna get rejected and get a stupid form letter, telling me what I need to do.

I get that TRS is not a right, but Fiverr should stop teasing us with it! I can’t take it anymore! I used to be TRS, I don’t need to be reminded every month of what I used to have!


Well, in all honesty, Fiverr isn’t telling you that “you’ve been promoted to TRS”. they’re just telling you that you qualify according to their automated promotion rules. They then look at anyone who qualifies for TRS promotion, and if those sellers meet their manual promotion requirements, they get promoted. I’m not sure I understand why this automated, “you qualify” message has you so frustrated. Just ignor it if it doesn’t mean anything to you.

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It just seems so needlessly cruel.

We can add this to the list of motivation killers, along with

getting demoted
being punished for cancellations that are not our fault
being at the mercy of scamming buyers without recourse
blind reviews

Anyway we can all soon relax about the blind reviews…

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You’re right, the letter does say “nominated,” my bad.

However, I don’t think these letters are necessary. Before St. Levels, we didn’t get letters announcing our nomination to TRS.

Also, these are fake nominations, they’re not real, so why get our hopes up?

The only letter I want is this: “Congratulations! You are now TRS”

If I can’t get that, I’d rather get nothing.

Yes! I’m glad Fiverr is changing that.

See this is an important point (although off topic).
The idea of being nominated probably sounds good but after the 6th and 10th times i could see why it is frustrating.
Do you think there could be an alternative?Or would it be level 2 sellers just get “you maintained your level” and nothing about nomination?


Thanks Eon, I’m glad you understand.

I’d rather get no notification whatsoever unless it’s a real promotion or demotion. If it’s the status quo, the notification is pointless.


Definitely! I get the same letter every month too! I’d rather either not get one, or simply as you say - get a notification of maintaining level 2.

I’ll add that I find it irritating because I have been on here, almost since the beginning - and see several people who came LONG after me, offering the same services – with thousands less reviews – that are TRS.

Technically, I AM a TRS -regardless having a badge or not.

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Helpful post. Thank you for aware us…

Something like a flag or a badge saying “eligible for TRS” near the “Top Rated” icon that is shown in the “Seller Level” section should do the job.


First time when i was get that notification i was thinking that im promoted again as TRS lol … Almost got hearth attack anyway with this social media promotion gig improvements and services i hope that i will get it back soon.

Just ignore that notification :smiley: