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Feedback or review

after how much day a buyer give me a feedback.

i delivered a task but busy buyer do not give me feedback.

i want to request him but it is late 3 days

Some buyers do not give feedback. Do you mean that you delivered the order 3 days late?

Well, you can always send him a message asking for his feedback on your service. It’s never too late.

A buyer can rate an order anytime. So you can ask him/her to review your gig even if you have already completed it.

If @gilcrist2227 means that he delivered the order 3 days late, though, I would not suggest asking the buyer to rate it. Many buyers will choose to not rate rather than leave a negative which is nice. If it was delivered late and the buyer feels pressured, the rating might not be a good one.

I do not delivered late. after delivered he accept then 3 days gone.

Ask him nicely if he is satisfied from your work, and if he is, you may suggest if he could rate your service. As stated above - it’s never too late. If you message this person first, you will be taken for someone who cares for his customers:)

If a buyer wants to give you a feedback he will do it, asking for it its not working for me.