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Feedback, please

Hello–new here. Just looking for some feedback concerning my profile and gigs. Thank you for your time!


Hello @novembergray

I have seen your profile right now. Everything looks good except the pricing as a new seller. Although you know better about the price for your job, but my personal review is to lessen the prices slightly as you are still a new seller. But you should increase the price once you have done 20/30+ orders successfully. Just let the ball rolling first.

Thanks much

Thank you so much for the advice! I appreciate it.

Somewhat offbeat:

I like your gigs, although I feel like they could use longer descriptions. That might just be my personal bias though :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I’ve observed from writing on this site, poetry seems to be more difficult to sell compared to other types of writing. Perhaps you could specify what kind of poems you specialize in? For example, some successful examples I’ve seen on here are people who write poems for special occasions like a birthday or anniversary.

Sorry for the late reply – thank you for the advice :slight_smile: