Feedback problem


I have done 3 orders nearly.firstly i done the work by message with the buyer.they sent me the order details through the messages.then i sent them the order through the message with a watermark.After they agreed i sent a offer and delivered it.But they didn’t give a feedback.isn’t there a method that i can have feedback for them?


Sounds a little bit like you got scammed 3 times.


Actually they order and got them from me. Order had auto completed. The matter is about the feedback.:innocent:


I understand that desperation for a review but you can’t do anything. If they will feel like giving a feedback they will. If they don’t, you can’t do anything. :slight_smile:


:sweat::sweat::sweat: mmm


Ask them to kindly leave feedback for you.


Don’t OVER-ask them for feedback though, then it becomes spamming.


Unfortunately you can not give feedback to buyer unless he put your feedback first . So it’s like 1st priority is for buyer and 2nd priority is for seller. and that’s how fiverr work .

Pro Tip : if you are confident about your already sent delivery then you should need to wait to check buyer . Once buyer really like your work they surely put rating without any question . After all this all depend on how you start work with your customer and how you treat them . If you show them lot’s professionalism and poor quality work they can not put rating ( his personal / technical reason ) OR can put 1 to 3 star rating ! that’s what usually happen with all sellers . You are not alone ! Do not try to send multi pal messages regarding ratings and delivery ! Try to earn customer satisfaction and deliver order once you both confirm that everything is perfect as you both are agreed ! Once you learn how to earn customer satisfaction you will make lot’t sales automatically.

Remember there is lot’s of things between earn money , and get rating ! we can got both if our marketing strategy is great ! Learn to earn customer satisfaction .

There is no any extra function / method for your situation .

Hope this help !


thank you:blush::blush: