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Feedback removal and refund


The total amount for the order is $40
The buyer and I agreed on refund of $10 for the removal of feedback through resolution center.
As customer said to me that first refund then he will remove feedback. For Proof See attachment
I have cancelled order. I have refunded $40. I have sent a custom order of $30. But Now he is not replying me. He is not accepting my custom offer. He is not removing the feedback. As I have refunded all amount.
If I make a mistake then fiverr send me warning messages. They restricted my account. Because I am a seller.
Now Buyer is showing Unresponsive behavior after refunding of his all amount. They should take action against him. They should help me because They have taken 20% commission on my orders.
But the fiverr support team said to me don’t send requests to them otherwise they will block my account. Extremely unprofessional behavior from fiverr support team


Seems like you got scammed. Nothing that Fiverr can do for you. It’s not like they can force the buyers credit card company to pay you. Why refund in the first place? Leave the bad feedback, or message customer service first and say that the buyer is threatening you with negative feedback if you don’t refund. You would have been helped if you did that. At this point all you can do is continue selling.


You should of straight-up reported the guy for that message. That is 100% blackmail. If you let Fiverr know I bet they would of removed the feedback for you and refunded their order.
Never do stuff like that on Fiverr - very bad on your end.
Actually, it IS professional on their end, because we don’t want dishonest sellers on this site who fall for scammers.


The feedback policy has changed. Sellers are no longer allowed to harass buyers for feedback removals.
Even if you refund the order the feedback will NOT be removed.


Like annai80 said, you can’t ask them to remove feedback for any reason. It’s a new policy.

I assume that customer support takes action against buyers who try to blackmail sellers still.


This thing also happen to me. The buyer clearly promise me to remove the feedback and i have give her a proof about the cancellation and refund then i message her about 5 times a day and she never respond my message until now.


Honestly, you shouldn’t have trusted the guy. Common sense should have informed you that if someone pushes for a refund, and promises to give you something if you grant them that refund, they’re not going to do what they claim once they get their money back.

Their only goal is to get their money back.They’ll promise you the moon, until you agree. Then they’re gone. Disappeared. Transaction erased.

I’m afraid you’re as much at fault for trying to get him to erase his negative feedback, as he is for scamming you into a refund.


I think so, too. If the buyer is abusive, or is threatening you, or is otherwise breaking the Terms of Service, Customer Support will take action against them.


If the buyer states that they will remove feedback in exchange for a refund then report them immediately to support. This works both ways. If a seller can’t ask to exchange a refund for feedback then nor can a buyer.

Let’s get these people off out site!


So, a buyer bought something for 40$ them gave you a negative feedback. Then you tried to get the feedback removed by offering the buyer a 10$ refund. You are the one at fault on this case. You should have reported the matter but you chose to try doing it your way.