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Feedback removal policy

Post your opinion for new FEEDBACK REMOVAL POLICY.
Buyer can’t edit the review


You are late to this party. Everyone hates it, but Fiverr doesn’t care.

The End.

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I had a problem with a buyer who wanted more work for a very cheap price.
I delivered his first order, I got my 5 star review and after that he proposed me to do another order which implies even more work for the same price. I politely declined and he changed his review from 5 stars to 1 one star.

It may be a good solution (in my case) but I also know that buyers can do mistakes when they use review feature so in this case I hate this feature :))

What I am trying to say is that it is a good solution to stop buyer threat sellers if they don’t want to do more work (after the order is delivered, feedback received) that’s it!
But I think Fiverr CS should make and notice the difference between a simple mistake and a bad intention/threat.
I would not feel ok at all if a 1* review is showing in my feedback, especially if I don’t deserve that which in this case Fiverr should take action!


The problem is not at fiverr end. Basically when someone place an order fiverr reserve that money for us. Now If you deliver that gig successfully they will pay you and everything works like a charm BUTTTT If some place an order without reading Gig description and they don’t get what they want. This is where problem starts. As i said above fiverr reserve that money. That means they do the banking process for you. If you cancel any order that mean’s they have to return that amount back to Client. All this cost them in the form of international transaction charges plus off-course work load at their financial team. So basically they can not introduce this system of rejecting any order because it will cost them.

Now If the client is not happy with the final results just because they don’t get what they want. He/She will defn. give you low rating or Negative feedback. Since people are making alot of money on fiverr. They are trying to give a better results in best possible way. I think they should first introduce something that before placing any order. Buyer must contact the seller.
If everything is according to plan then i don’t see any reason asking for feedback review.

Quality works always pay off and if you get one negative feedback and it hurts your rating. IM sure you will work even harder to give the best possible results.

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I can’t speak for others but in my case as I’ve said repeatedly on the forum, there has been a bug on the fiverr mobile app that puts only 4.3 stars after the buyer puts 5 stars, and then there is no way to correct it.

In such a case I am not allowed to ask the buyer if there was anything wrong, as I normally have done. And they usually are not aware of what has happened, that in spite of giving me 5 stars, it is only showing as 4.

So it puts me in an unfair and impossible situation. I have heard this happens to others too.

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So now to change the feedback, we will have to contact CS everytime ?

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To change the feedback, now you need to go to the Resolution Center, choose “Request Feedback Revision”, and state why you’re requesting it.

If you do that often, you can get banned from Fiverr.


Bad idea. No body likes it.

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Fiverr Please.
Listen to us


So this knew option is kinda double edge sword. It is great for sellers who want to sell quality product here on fiverr but if someone fixes the issue with the buyer even then one has to live with that negative review…

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I’ve been on Fiverr for three years. At no point has us, their sellers, hating something ever caused them to undo a change they’ve made on the website. We ALL hated the switch from thumbs up/down to five star ratings. We screamed about it for months. We all went to the blog post where they announced it and asked them to reconsider. All they did was change one of the criteria to be slightly less ambiguous.

I hate to be defeatist, but you there’s no point in screaming that we hate a change they’ve made when past performance proves that they don’t care what the people who make them money think about those changes. People will still use Fiverr. They might lose every real seller they ever had and be left with only scammers, but they’ll still make money.

The only thing we can do is learn how to adapt or abandon ship.


Changes for the better to help sellers, good.
Changes for the worse to harm sellers, bad.
Happy seller=happy site.

What purpose does this new change serve? I can’t figure out what is going on.

If a buyer is unhappy, why can’t a seller make it right for them?


Worst changes ever! First I thought it’s okay. But now I’ve seen and heard many buyers abusing the system because there’s no seller protection anymore. Now you can basically review the weather outside instead of the service you’re leaving the review on.

And what’s more unfair is that if buyer requests something your description says is not included, and they leave a review because you didn’t provide that, there’s nothing support will do for you. That is basically blackmailing, and totally OK according to rules!

Mainly new sellers are greatly affected by this and those that put crazy amounts of time and love to each order. Other sellers not so much. But if I were to leave, it would be because it’s simply unacceptable.

Good sellers may leave after being abused and only buyers and bad sellers remain that deserve the abuse.

What will become of Fiverr then? Surely not a great reputation boost.


Yes, i got a warning when i asked a seller to change the rate doing it just one time. no sense :rage:

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I agree with you, you cannot even request a feedback removal or a rate change even when the buyer abuse. i’ve had a buyer that has given bad rates to every seller according to what he said to me argumenting all sellers are bad on fiverr, he gave me a bad rate too saying i copied the job done, i send proof of my skecthes and a video showing there is any images like the one i’ve sent, i ask him for a proof and he agreed he was wrong but i cannot o anything now even when he agreed, i don’t want to contact customer support as lately they do nothing about it, lats time i’ve received a warning…it is unreal even when i have proof of this and the seller agreed

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I know I hate that policy now we have to very care full :slight_smile:
Give you buyer some bonus and make him happy at the end of the order :slight_smile:
For example if you give me 5 star rating and nice review i will give you this bonus :smiley: