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Feedback Removal - VERY UNHAPPY with the outcome!

I am selling on this website since 2013. Have more than 3000 positive reviews BUT yesterday i recived my first 1 star rating on one of my gigs (also it was a $5 order). My gig provides modifications obviously but a buyer just added the feedback - no message, no modification, no nothing. His argument was that i used a script font…and that is a lie, because when i delivered i even gaved him 2 options for the font. I sent him 4 messages asking him what’s wrong, how can we resolve the issue , that i am more than happy to work more on the design …BUT NO ANSWER (and he was online all this time.)
BUT WAIT there is more! I sent a ticket to Customer Support and they said they can not help. No solid argument, no nothing.
So i think this website is out of control and there is absolutely NO PROTECTION FOR SELLERS! If you want to ruin someones life work just order $5 on his gigs and add 1 star reviews - untill you ruin it (nobody will ask you why, or do somehting about it)!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FIVERR…i dont know why you charge those %20 for, and keep saying that it’s safe for us to do business here, because it is not (it is also true that there was a time when CS was really helping but now…)


So use imgur to prove that he’s lying and move on.

ye just move on

Yeah, Fiverr made it easy for (potentially false) customers to ruin 100% positive scores. Sad.

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It’s a scorched earth policy to weed out the truly incompetent sellers. OP has nearly 3,000 reviews and a handful of negative reviews. I can understand their annoyance, but in the long run a calm Imgur response that disproves the buyer’s claims will negate the bad review.

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I am not sure what i have to do …i never used Imgur :slight_smile:

See MY last 1-star review! (it’s fairly obvious which gig it is from the rant). I’m sure you’ll get some good ideas. Imgur is very easy to use as well.

Well, I just faced the same situation with unfair feedback with no explanation, no requesting modification, NOTHING
And found out about new feed back rules (in 1.5 years on fiverr never had this problem, but remembered that it was possible to solve and didnt worry much)

All I can say - good bye, Fiverr. Now it’s totally unsafe to sell ANY art gigs around, because art is subjective and now any jerk can ruin your reputation with no reasons. And we should pay 20% commission to be scammed like this? Pfff thank you, but no.


That’s called “cutting off your nose to spite your face”


That is a way from fiverr to say “THANK YOU” to all those who worked hard and made fiverr very popular. Now that they reached an untachable level - they can easy kick us …who helped them - for all this time! :cry:

Understand you, to have so many 5stars and to get this 1. But I think it won’t make a big harm to you.
In every such a case I would write informative reply in the review area. People will simply see what happened.
As for me I would buy from you despite of this 1star (after contacting before).
Also I would create some image/info about somebody’s trying to down your reputation and so on.
May be competitor

Yury…why should i be the one play the police officer role? Isnt’t a customer support for that? I related them the situation, let them know all the info…so they better do their job. Why this could be done until a few weeks ago and now suddenly NOT? It’s is a big dissapointment for me…

Did you mean “Spit on your face” :thinking:

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Surely you know this reasonably popular phrase, DJ? It’s perfectly apt for doing a flounce off a platform where you’re doing reasonably well over 1 bad review. Although admittedly, she only paused her gigs.

Guys, it’s one 1-star review. Buyers are not required to give sellers 5-star reviews on every order. Low and 1-star reviews are part of doing business here on Fiverr. We can’t please everyone all the time.

Let’s not be “doom-and-gloom” about one review. Just pick up the pieces, leave your side of the story in the review response, and move on to the next order.

I’m fairly certain that, if you are a good seller, you’ll have enough positive reviews to outweigh the negative one.


Yea right… this post was deleted.

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Because dead kids are comparable to a bad review!



Can I know what is “Imgur”?

Thanks in advance.

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I’m sorry. But I have no idea what that website is related to. How this is going to help? I’m referring to below.

“So use imgur to prove that he’s lying and move on.”

Also nothing is loading through that link.