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Feedback review for "not delivered/cancelled" orders


Our company generally has had a good experience with Fiverr and we’re very appreciative for this platform. As I worked as a freelancer for a long time I always try to be nice to the sellers here, over-pay/give less amount and pay full price, etc. as much as we can… especially I know for hard working freelancers the price can be too low here and as a freelancer also I empathize with the sellers.

Then we recently had 2 “mutually agreed” cancellations after the sellers didn’t deliver, we requested and they accepted. We noticed after the cancellation we don’t see the “review” button on the dashboard… Reviews on both sellers and buyers sides are a critical part of
such open platform as Fiverr and we believe we have to be entitle to the opportunity to leave a review for other customers.

Not to bad mouth or anything at all, I absolutely understand sometimes people fail to deliver or have to cancel for whatever reason, but really providing the actual information will be necessary to prevent potential wrongdoings. And this goes the same with the buyers too–I really believe sellers should be able to rate unfair sellers even after cancellation.

There are sellers who constantly don’t deliver (probably very few, but still.), and if there’s no review about them, potentially more consumers will be taken advantage of. Even after full refund, dealing with that kind of incidents result in a lot of waste of time and resources for the buyers.

We recently had another seller who didn’t deliver on time (after we waited for 10 days), so we asked partial cancellation–which we never had. Whenever people are late, they apologize and ask to give them more time in advance, then we ALWAYS let it slide and came up with backup plans on our end. Didn’t say a thing to the seller trying to understand. This seller noticed a in the last minute “I’ll deliver in 15 hours!” with no explanation or apology, then disappeared, which disturbs our workflow. It’s not fair to pay full price for that.

So we asked for partial refund (2 photos instead of 4 we ordered), then the seller decided not to deliver at all and offered full refund with rude comments–saying the deadline is “today” and I was wrong (well it was 10 AM PST that day, not ‘whatever time’ on that day as she claims. That can be up to 48 hours different in different time zone, by no means the meaning of “deadline”). We didn’t “accept” the refund offer because we’re afraid we won’t have the opportunity to rate the experience. We also suspect the seller didn’t close the order by delivering at least partially, and offered cancellation to avoid bad review, which is violation of the cancellation policy of Fiverr.

We must be given the opportunity to review the seller. Not necessarily to punish the seller, it is much rather to prevent more good-intentioned consumers from hurting. They shouldn’t make misinformed decisions based on the faulty review system (of course the reviews are great as you can make only good ones show) and waste time and other resources dealing with such unfair behaviors of some sellers. Not allowing reviews for cancelled orders provides ground for abusing the opportunity, at the cost of the buyers–like this seller refusing to complete the order knowing she will get away with it, without any review on this.

Please let us review the “cancelled” orders–both buyers and sellers. More than anything it will be essential to better the quality of Fiverr services. We can’t force such sellers to deliver the order, but we MUST have an opportunity to review, for the sake of Fiverr consumers. And it’s very, very unfair for real hard-working, sincere sellers that such dishonest are doing so well with 99%-positive 5-star ratings, when they have a hard time competing. I feel terrible for them too. It’s just not right.


If you took a refund you cannot review. Plain and simple. This has been covered a few times so I won’t go into again. Just like I wish there was a way to review crap buyers so other sellers would be warned, it’s just not possible though. Also, you cannot refund partial amounts.

The customer service department doesn’t really come here. You should probably shoot your grievances their way.


gailbunning pretty much covered it. Cancellations are the only protection sellers have against unreasonable buyers. Taking away the ability to avoid a unfair negative review from an unreasonable buyer by cancelling an order would leave sellers with no protections at all.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but cancellations do affect sellers’ accounts. Sellers who constantly cancel orders to avoid negative reviews on shoddy work or poor customer service are punished.




Agreed. I’m mostly a buyer on Fiverr but have been a freelancer for 10+ years. Always thought sellers should be able to rate the buyers too. The review system here is unfair and seriously flawed.