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Feedback review issue

Hi, from last week I complete 10 orders but the review showing in numbers is still the should show 78 reviews instead of that it’s still showing 68 reviews


Did it say in the notifications that the buyer(s) reviewed each of those 10 orders? If they didn’t (eg. if they just marked them complete or they just auto-completed without the buyer reviewing) it won’t increase the number of reviews.

yes the buyer give 5 star with complete review. Instead of that 10 reviews are not showing

So the buyer(s) reviewed all 10 orders? If so, and if you reviewed your experience with the buyer(s) they should have been displayed (if they weren’t you could contact CS if you think there’s an error). If you didn’t review your experience with the buyer(s) you’ll have to wait about 10 days from the time of their reviews for them to appear.

look buyer complete the order, they give feedbackFiverr reviews 9 i also reply my experience and their feedback is showing in my profile but the numbers are still should be 78 but still its 68 look at the pic

So like I said, you can contact CS if you think it’s wrong (there does seem to be about 72 reviews even though it only says “68 reviews” at the top (eg. if you do a search on the profile for “published” or " ago" it shows 72 results when all the reviews are shown). Maybe the update failed to run properly. CS can probably get a fix done for your account if it’s incorrect.

already contacted them waiting for their reply