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Feedback/review of fiverr gig

Hey guys could I get a review on my gig page a see what the general Impression of my gig is


My general impression is that you don’t have a value proposition and that you aren’t business savvy. I would never hire a designer who isn’t business savvy because the design is important for business. You make logos. So what? That doesn’t mean they are effective. That doesn’t mean they reflect the brand of the client. That doesn’t mean they convey a message effectively or that you even know how to do that. Your clientele is business professionals. You need to demonstrate that you understand their needs. (By “demonstrate,” I don’t mean write that you have the qualities, but show that you do. Prove that you do.)

You absolutely need a value proposition. Simply saying that you do a task is not enough to make a sale. You need to prove your value, especially when you have literally thousands of competitors on Fiverr who do literally the same gig as you. Many of these thousands of competitors have hundreds of five-star reviews. So why would someone hire you over them?


You’re a bit expensive for someone who has no reviews and only offers 3 images as proof of their work.

There’s nothing wrong with valuing your work, and a good logo designer is worth far more than even your top price, but your base-price is $50, going all the way up to $300. As an unknown seller, there is a degree of buyers having to ‘take a chance’ when they hire you, but no buyer is going to take a chance for $50, let alone $300.

Have you compared yourself financially to the rest of the market? Have you looked at it from a buyer’s perspective? Once you get to the $50 price range, you’ve got a LOT of options, and a lot of sellers with vast portfolios and significant track records.

Just my 2-cents, but I think unless you either grow your portfolio of example work significantly, or reduce your prices by quite a lot, your gigs are just going to sit with no orders.

Good luck.


Thanks for the feedback. These are all valid points you’ve gave me a lot to think about. Appreciate the help.

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Thank you for the feedback. Yes I have looked at the market of the rest and determined that the price that I have set is justifiable given my skill set. I don’t yet have proven track record though that is something that takes time. I have extensively written in detail how I will tackle these issue and verified my ideas with several customers. I’m not in any rush to get orders building a successful business has to do with timing a patience.

This is fair - but do you feel that your gig, and the 3 logos that you’ve selected, adequately shows this skill set to potential clients? Do you truly, honestly feel that you’ve given people enough examples of your A-Grade work, to make them choose you? It’s all well and good you believing you’re skilled at something, but you’ve got to convince your buyers. All I’m saying is that 3 images of logos might not be enough.

Yes and no. Yes, you should be in it for the long-run… Sprint, not a marathon etc… But when I look at Fiverr sellers, if I see they’ve been around for years, and have almost no sales, I just assume they’re not very serious.

If you asked most of the successful sellers here on Fiverr if they charged much less for their services when they first started out, they’d tell you that they did. I’m not saying give logos away for $5 here. I’m just saying that if you think your logos are worth $50 minimum, where’s the harm in doing them for $20, until you get your first 25 to 50 5 Star reviews? You earn a bit of money, you get some reviews, you build your portfolio, and you earn trust in the marketplace. Then, when you decide you’re ready, you push your prices up to where you feel they belong. Who knows, if your work really gets great reviews, why stop at $300?

We charged next-to-nothing when we first started. VO projects that today we’d charge $800 for, we did for $80. The buyer knew they were getting a steal, and for us, it was another 5 star review. It put us in the position where we are now, where we can charge what we feel we’re worth, with the provable track-record to give buyers the confidence to buy from us.

You can obviously decide not to take this advice on, I just think I’d rather work for cheap for a couple of months to help build my future, than sit around hoping someone takes a chance with me.


No I don’t as of now . Though I feel it gives people a glimpse of what I’m capable of. Now I will still build up my portfolio so that people will be more trusting of my services. I expect to use the first couple of months to do just that.

Thanks for the extensive advice I’ll go back and reevaluate my value ladders and see what I can improve on.

It’s good to have a proper market rate for your gigs and hopefully it will work out for you. We saw it worked for a couple of reeealy talented people here from the first weeks.

However track record is also a part of the price. Out of 3 logos you are showing 2 logos with the same name which might hint buyers in lack of experience working with clients and drive them away.


Fair point. I’m in the process of rectifying these things