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Feedback seems to be a thing of the past

Hi Fiverr’s

I’m yet again at a loss as to what is going on with reviews. Either I got terrible at what I do overnight or it’s reselling of my gigs…
I’ve had clients tell me I did a fantastic job👌, and yet they do not even bother closing and accepting the delivery. Did Fiverr do something else this level up period that have restricted clients further to be motivated to leave a kind word or two?
Yes I understand I should be greatful for any sale and move on. But clients seem even more unmotivated than ever to leave feedback.


I, too, have a few clients who message me to thank me for the great work and do not leave a review. I chalk it up to them, not wanting others to know where they spend their money, or perhaps it is quicker to let the order autocomplete and send a quick message to the seller. :thinking:


I was getting steady reviews up until this last week then none of them are leaving reviews except for one. I wonder if something changed about reviews.

It’s strange to always get steady reviews aside from a few who don’t leave them then get a steady run of nothing.

The same with orders, they came to a screeching halt on Friday after pouring in all week. Everything shut down. It’s so odd the way things turn on full blast then turn off on some Fridays.

I’m here on weekends too. Is Fiverr trying to tell me to take weekends off?


Stranger still is the drop in revision requests.
That’s a possitive but still odd


Something is up… I had a sudden surge in sales after level up day, only the clients who accepted the delivery left a review. Most have just let the clock run out. I used to average 80-90% now it’s 50-60


We were in full production around here and it felt great. Then I had to switch gears. I could get to liking being that busy.

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I’ve noticed that buyers order from me, leave a fab review, order again, leave another fab review, them keep ordering but never leave a review or mark an order as complete again.

I think the plethora of questions, notifications, and the need to leave reviews twice (one private, one public) just annoys people. After a while, regular Fiverr users, therefore, place orders but but don’t further engage with the order process unless they really need to.


It does seem like it would be overwhelming and annoying to have to wade through all that after the order has been delivered.


It might be a new feedback form that @miiila shared with us

It might be that now people feel a bit intimidated with questions like “you spent x amount of money, are you satisfied with value for money etc etc”

and to be honest on a buyer side even if I’m satisfied but there is even a small doubt I would’ve felt like I’d rather not to leave a review than answering this kind of “in your face” questions.


According to the new update Buyers cannot leave reviews few days after the order has been automatically completed. Whenever I work with a Seller I go back to the order few days later to leave them a review. But it’s not possible anymore unless you decide to review the order immediately after it’s auto-completed.

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It is 10 days, so more than a few. Or is that different than your experience? :thinking:


I haven’t counted the days. But in my experience countless times have I found myself unable to review the Sellers as I came back later.

Or show the actual number of sales. Usually buyers don’t hang here like sellers checking if it is reviewed.

I think you nailed it. It slipped in the idea that they should have some doubts about what they got, so they don’t leave feedback at all after seeing that.

It creates suspicion that something is wrong.

I went from almost everyone leaving a review to almost no one leaving one.