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Feedback stingyness


Pardon my title, but why have most buyers resorted to keeping our feedbacks and reviews to themselves? i mean you communicated well with your buyer, deliver the gig, and the buyer just dissAPEARS. No feedback, no review, no message saying 'i got the gig, nut i want this or that changed, most just dissppear…

last year i’ve hard a good run of reviews, but this year… i dont know what is happening that is why i am LAMENTING.

Some even say, ok thank you job welldone right in the message, but sharing it with the community becomes a herculean task.

WHY??? :frowning:


Some people are shy, some people might actually be disappointed with what they receive but don’t want to leave a negative review so they say nothing at all and some people have no idea there is a review system or how to use it.

Be sure you ask for feedback with your delivery (nicely) and highlight that feedback is very important to your rating/standing with Fiverr. Tell them which button to hit (the green thumbs up) and that you’ll leave them good feedback in return.

That’s about all you can do. Like everything else, it’s up to them.


well, i got a lot of feedbacks last year, but this year, just a few…is it the work, is the people, or is it me… lol… am still searching… i will still remain on my game… and selling the best gigs… :slight_smile: thanks