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Feedback to newly created gigs

Hello everyone, I just created new gigs and improved some, I am hoping you could check it and tell me about its deficiencies. I want to know the percentage of this in the market. Thanks.

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I checked the first one , Change the gig image and provide proper details on the description.
I checked the second one too, Please note that Putting the picture of some kind of girl in the gig image will not bring any sales.


thank you. I will change it right away

Hello. I just checked your 3rd gig “android app development” and I think you should add examples of the applications you have already created in the gig gallery. This will help the viewer to see what he/she is going to get. Update the gallery with newly developed and updated application screenshots. :slight_smile:


unfortunately, I don’t have any to show at the moment. I’ll try to create basic applications for the clients