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Feedback - What would be your ideal feedback?

Hi, all.

If you have a buyer who is absolutely thrilled with your work, and wants to convey that in the feedback, what would be the things you’d want to see highlighted?

There’s a limit to how long the feedback can be, so sometimes it’s not possible to describe all the reasons that the seller is the perfect choice for anyone who needs such-and-such a service/product.

Or, do you even care exactly what is in your feedback, as long as it expresses that the buyer is delighted and would recommend you to everybody?

If you’re wondering why I’d ask, it’s simple: I have been absolutely thrilled with several sellers, and want to know if I’m missing anything important in the feedback I leave for them.

Would it be proper to ask the seller if there’s anything particular he or she would like to see in his or her feedback, in your opinion?