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Feedback where it's really needed


I wonder if anyone knows a way round this.
At the moment, as a buyer, I get to leave feedback when a gig is finished. All the gigs I have bought and which have been finished have been really good and I’ve left great feedback. But when I am buying that’s not the feedback I want to read because it’s not the whole story.
Over the last year or so I have probably cancelled 2 gigs out of about 25. On both occasions the seller way over promised and the result was so far from what I wanted, that even after some revisions it wasn’t happening.
I recently had a really bad experience. A Wordpress developer promised something to me that was way beyond her capability and the result was awful. She made a mess of my web site which i had to get fixed, made me buy a plugin that wasn’t needed and blamed Wordpress. She even blamed me at one point for wanting the design I wanted (I had shown it to her before I bought the gig). Looking at her feedback of completed gigs, everything look great. But I guarantee that other people will have had the same experience with her, but because the gig wasn’t ordered or got cancelled, they couldn’t leave feedback.
That’s exactly what happened to me. Because the gig got cancelled I had no opportunity to leave feedback.
I also had a really rude guy who got abusive when I wouldn’t accept his price. He sent me a really rude message and then blocked me so I couldn’t reply.
Once again no chance to leave feedback.
But as a buyer, these are just the things I want to know about. Not the happy gigs that all end well.
Am I missing something. Does anyone agree?


The best way I know is to always order something small or a sample work when dealing with a new seller. If the communication of delivery is poor you have only paid a small amount. The seller gets paid a little for their time and you leave an honest review.

I am against reviews on canceled orders as there is a lot of room for abuse. (Not by you, but there are many who would abuse it.)


Thanks for your advice. Ordering something small to test a new seller isn’t alway practical.
It would be good even if I could see how many cancelled gig someone has had. That would tell me something.


You could have left a review about your bad experience, unless you got a refund. If a seller is rude to you, you can report them to customer support.

I too would like to see how many cancellations sellers and buyers have.


That would be an interesting statistic for both buyers and sellers.


Don’t spend your money to leave a negative review. It’s not worth it.
And I do like your idea of seeing cancellations, but these stats are available on other platforms. Pick a different platform.


That’s the problem. I cancelled and got a refund and so there was no opportunity to leave feedback or a review.


While I can understand your desire to leave a record of your bad experience as a warning to others, I can also understand why fiverr gives buyers a choice of either leaving a review, or getting a refund.

The later situation would leave it open for all kinds of abuse against sellers. We encounter very dishonest or crazy buyers sometimes who want to simply cause problems.


I haven’r and wouldn’t spend money on a gig just to leave a bad review. That would be ridiculous. I think you have misunderstood my post.


Thanks for your advice.


Well, with Fiverr’s rules, you either get your money back, or you can leave a review. You can’t have both. Also, it’s not allowed to cancel an order based on the quality of work.

Of course, you can always submit a ticket to Customer Support and complain about the seller. If other buyers who had trouble with the same seller do it, too, and CS agrees that the seller is breaking the rules, the seller will get banned after Trust & Safety team investigates the case.


I understand the rules. I’m just saying that, as someone who has bought quite a lot of gigs on Fiverr, the feedback rules at the moment are not as good for buyers as they could be.


…and the problem isn’t sellers breaking the rules. It’s that one or two sellers provide really bad service and there is no way for a buyer to see that.
I had a really bad experience with a seller recently. I had to cancel and get a refund. No other buyer will ever know that this person is poor.


Not immediately, no, but sellers get punished for every cancellation (even when it’s not their fault, but that’s another story). After a cancellation, their gig drops drastically in the rankings (and is therefore much harder to find), plus sellers lose their levels if they have too many cancellations, and that, too, can make their gigs much harder to find. In short, cancellations are very harmful for every seller’s business here.

Please keep in mind that, as stated in the ToS, Fiverr doesn’t guarantee quality.


Thanks for the reply. Good to understand the effect of cancellations. I didn’t know that. I have cancelled maybe 2 gigs in 2 years and then only when there was no other way to resolve it.
I take your point about Fiverr not guaranteeing quality. Even more reason to have as much transparency as possible about buyers and sellers past activity before people commit.


The point :heart_eyes: