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Feel anxiety in fiverr marketplace

Fiverr bans account after three warning. But it is a matter of sorrow that there is no option to get back his account . This is tragedy. I feel so sad. So everybody must care about fiverr rules and regulation .So this topics should be discussed in details.

Please comment about the reasons of account banned by fiverr.


Why do you have to feel sad? Unless you were looking to violate the ToS and getting away scot-free, there is no reason for sadness or disappointment.

Abide by the ToS and be happy!

I don’t see a reason for this topic to be discussed in great detail because I am sure every seller/buyer on Fiverr knows (should know) about the ToS and its importance and are careful not to violate it.

One small correction: I have read of cases (on the forum) where some sellers were banned after only 1 or 2 warnings (it is not always 3 warnings). It depends on the severity of the violation I suppose.

Happy selling.

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@ hanshuber16

Thanks for sharing right information. I updated myself . Thanks bro

Good. Hopefully, you’ve learned the do’s and don’t’s and that you will not get in trouble with Fiverr. Good luck!

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