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Feel frustration


more than 7 click in my gigs , and no one wants to deal with me


No reason to get frustrated. You would have a very high order/click ratio if at 7 clicks would already order a gig.
Even if you had 2 or 3% it would be very high.


That is not something to concern yourself with. Those analytics are not something to look at and draw any conclusions from.


If you are getting clicks (these are not much, but 7 has its value) and no one is ordering you, then you need to look at your gig description and the packages (if any).


I see it is not problem in my Gهg. You can check that


You may check Improve My Gig category.


Just because 7 people clicked on your gig means absolutely nothing. You may have clicked on it that many times yourself.


Yes absolutely right, I was thinking that too :wink:


i dnt know , that’s make me feeling frustration


It’s all in your mind. It has nothing to do with anything.


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Couldn´t agree more.