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Feel like fiverr search algo updated completely


I feel like fiverr search algo updated completely. I seen many changes when i search perticular keyword. Many gigs are up and some best gigs are down. what you say?


I say you read this:


I already read this post. But I feel from last 3 hours that fiverr done it’s search algo. I noticed some changes.


I feel sure they will announce it when it’s finished like they said. Maybe it’s finished in some categories but not others.


I think every Gig has a personal, manually given RATIO
Everything based on this RATIO

And for change some low level Gigs are sсheduled for rasing their RATIO for a while - this is why we see low level Gigs on top (they call it rotation)

For example if your Gig will have RATIO high for a week - it will be on key search top for a week - no longer