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Feel Threatened by a Buyer, Please advise

I need some advice in regards to a tricky situation I am stuck in. I will explain the time line of events below and my concerns.

  1. Buyer approaches for a custom web design job
  2. I quote $150 for the job
  3. Buyer becomes angry, accuses me of ripping off and false advertisement Place a $5 order and writes “Hi, I only purchased this gig to give you the negative feedback you deserve for your false advertising.” To activate the gig.
  4. Contacted support, 2 days after I am still waiting for a response.
  5. You can see what follows in the attached screen shot
  6. I offer a cancellation but he declines and insists I deliver the job.

    My concern is that even if Fiverr cancels this order, the buyer might place another order and if that is not possible, he might place an order from another account to leave me negative review.

    I also have an option to cancel once again, if I do this, I wonder how this will affect my account.

    I would like to seek advice as to how to deal with these kind of situations as well as this particular situation.

    Kindly help.

Happened something similar to me in the past: Not that the buyer had purchased the gig exclusively to leave me a negative review (that’s way over the top) but he manipulated me into wanting more work done than the work which is actually specified in my gig.

I do not know how things are working now but back then, I have received zero support from Fiverr. “The right to leave a review, negative or positive, is a right of the customer and we cannot interfere with this right” , something like that.

I hope you have better luck than me.

Send Customer Support a message IMMEDIATELY. Submit a ticket explaining this to them.

Hey Bud,

I’ve dealt with a lot of these fraggle holes. Just send it over to CS. It might take them some time to get to it but they will remove any negative feedback given you have proof that he is being an ass.

Reply to @buildmypoint: Thank you. I already did but I find it absolutely disappointing that they have not responded to me in over 48 hours. I have now submitted my 3rd mutual cancellation request, I am sure this will be declined also.

Reply to @thejeffcallaway: Thank you. I don’t even want to deliver anything to this guy.

Reply to @wonderlander: That is extremely worrying!

Reply to @danieljeewan: Sorry to tell you this, but I’m a Level 2 also, and it took over a week for CS to respond to my ticket, and it was a serious issue, not a complaint or technical problem. I know you say you don’t want to give this guy anything, but if you don’t deliver something & run out of time, it ends up worse for you. Right now, you have his words to show CS what his intention is, and that’s good for you, but you don’t know how quickly you’ll get an answer from them. If it were me, and the time runs out, I would deliver whatever it is he bought for $5, and act like it’s a regular order (don’t be rude, in other words). He will probably do his negative rating thing as threatened, but now you have even more evidence to help your side when CS gets to your problem. You can show that you remained professional, and delivered what he paid for even though he did nothing to help you fulfill the gig.

That’s just my opinion, of course. I don’t blame you for not sending him anything. I’m just not sure it will help you in the end.

Good luck~


What an awful situation.

Reply to @celticmoon: Thank you for the advise. Due to the lack of CS on Fiver, I had to offer him a deal of doing his job for free if he cancels the order. Its pathetic that someone can abuse and harass a seller and eventually make me succumb and all because of the lack of customer support.

Reply to @edwriter: It sure is an awful situation, I really would appreciate CS to step in, I tried cancelling the order but now it says I cannot cancel the order any more.

Hi there,

I don’t know how helpful this will be. But I am hoping it will at least bring some encouragement. The bad news is you may not stop this client from being destructive or manipulative. The good news is, if you continue to offer a good service then the positive feedback will far outweigh these types of setbacks. I overlooked your gig, and the feedback you receive is clearly positive and people recognize you for the work that you do. So, while I encourage you to try and resolve with this client, I also encourage you not to let one bad egg send you into worry and turmoil.

My only other suggestion is that in your gig description, it may be wise to add a section specifically listing what is not provided in the fiverr gig. I think it is great that you explain what is provided, but additional security of listing what isn’t may assist as well. Even if it doesn’t calm this guy down, others will likely see and understand that the client has falsified information.

I wish you all of the best,


Reply to @edwriter: It sure is an awful situation, I really would appreciate CS to step in, I tried cancelling the order but now it says I cannot cancel the order any more.