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Feeling A Bit Lost

Hello, everyone,

I first started on Fiver six months or so ago, putting up a Gig writing blurbs for novels. I had a couple of sales, but got besieged by the worry that I was making a sideline that wasn’t all that inspiring and paused the gig.

Now the bills are starting to mount again and I’ve realised that I’m sick of the feeling behind the worry that I’m making an uninspiring sideline. I’ve resurrected my old Gig and started a new one based around voice work, which is what I do a fair bit of (I host my own podcast). I’ve had one nibble so far, but the “uninspiring sideline” worry has been replaced by two more: The worries that (a) I don’t know what I’m doing and (b) I’m on my own with this. It’s the second one that’s the worst of the two. No one in my immediate circle is, to my knowledge anyway, starting out with freelancing, so I often feel like I don’t know to whom I can turn for help and I’m scared of asking for fear of wasting someone else’s time on me, especially if I’m asking a question with (what would seem like) an obvious answer. I don’t know of .

But I still get a bit lost on forums like this one, just trying to work out what to look for or how to find folks who are one or two steps ahead of me that I can hang out with and learn from, and maybe get a little reassurance that I’m not on my own with all this.

Is anyone else, or has anyone else been, in similar straits? How did you sort them out? Where did you find help / connections?

Don’t quit your day job any time soon to freelance. It can be difficult and a lengthy process to get to the point where freelancing is a full income. Most freelancers I know do it for the love of it and as a side income and there is a lot of trial and error. I see you have had 2 sales… you will make mistakes as you get more but that’s a good thing. It allows you to learn and improve your services. With freelancing, you really are mostly on your own. This forum is a great way to connect with others though. When you get a cool idea or have advice that will help other people- share it!

I hope this helped.

Getting started can definitely be a bit intimidating! I started on Fiverr around 9 months ago, and I spent a lot of time reading through forum posts. There’s a lot of good info in here if you can take a bit of time to sift through it. I’d also recommend doing some reading outside of Fiverr. There are really large freelance blogs and communities for different freelancing niches. I’m a writer, and there’s TONS of information and advice out there. I’m sure you could find a lot related to voice work too. You can probably find lots of advice on things like time management, improving your skills, earning a fair rate, and so on. You may also find plenty of people who you can connect with and who will make you feel like you’re not going it alone.

It took me a decent while to feel like I had a handle on what I was doing. As long as you put solid effort into your orders and you have some talent (and it seems like you do!), your buyers probably won’t notice or mind that you’re relatively inexperienced. Before long, you’ll feel confident about what you’re doing. I’ll second what @alliemadison12 said: come to the forum when you feel lost! You can always post a topic asking for advice or simply to vent. There are lots of active people in here who will give you helpful answers or at least let you know that you’re not alone.

It’s easy to feel like you are not ready. Take action, stick a gig out there. Focus on the technical side of deliveries a great product. You won’t get quality and technical advice on the forum. I learned alot in the first 200 gigs and my customers still loved what I did.

Take a big step and take action. Just strive to be the best person someone will meet and work with on Fiverr.

Reply to @mhwoolz: Thanks for the advice! I sometimes forget about the research pa and I feel like you can drown in advice and actionable tips sometimes. But I’ll keep my eyes on the forum!

Reply to @alliemadison12: Thanks, Allie. I’m definitely not planning on quitting the day job soon, but extra income would be welcome right now. I’ll be sure to share what I find or come up with!