Feeling a little down


I got my first less than 5-star review, 4.5, I’m a bit sad, but I know we can’t hope to be perfect every time…

The client praised me and wrote a really nice note though, so…

still, I’m a bit sad -_-


Don’t worry you still have great reviews!


Do not worry. You still respond!
Strengthen your heart and advance


It is not à matter at all.You are in the right track.


I got a less than 5 star review one, and the buyer told me “you were great, but only God is perfect. I guess I can understand that.


Sometimes it depends on Buyer as well. Your attempt would have been perfect but maybe Buyer had a rough day. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry may be you get a strong client following in future so stay tune:slightly_smiling_face:


Keep it up Dear with hard working