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Feeling a Little Uneasy [Resolved]

Being that it’s Father’s Day, I spent most of my afternoon with my family including my FIL. I haven’t been close to my computer all day, which is a switch.

I sent a message to a client earlier, notifying him of the actual cost of the project. And, he messaged me back through Fiverr… However, later this afternoon, I get another message from this client… but not through Fiverr… through my personal email. The really strange part was that it was never messaged to me… but it was to him, from him, CCed to him and a different address in the reply to…

In the Subject line it says “Note” and in the message , it says, "Hello Are you there?"

I’m a bit uneasy… Believe me, I haven’t responded to it (and won’t). But, I certainly feel off from the whole situation. I thought about just ignoring it and continuing the business with this client (after all, it’s no small order). However, I don’t feel comfortable with him trying to make contact me outside Fiverr.


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Someone found me on Facebook once. One of my old pics could be reverse searched. They contacted me about an order and I just told them I can’t work or contact clients outside of Fiverr. I said they’re super, super, super strict and if they get one sniff of it they’ll ban me and I can’t chance that as I make my living here.

They were cool with it and I work with them to this day. If in doubt, blame it on Fiverr, I say. That’s what the 20%'s for.

Sometimes I think people don’t understand Fiverr and think contact off the site is okay. I have hired freelancers on other websites and am always surprised with the flexibility they have to contact clients through email. Every once in a while, someone finds my email, probably through LinkedIn or something, but I just refer them back. Communication on Fiverr really is much easier. I think you have the right idea just ignoring the email and continuing the project through Fiverr.

Wow I wouldnt respond either.

On some of the other freelance sites, off-site communication with the buyer/client is normal. With one or two such sites, it’s recommended and practically required because the internal message system is very unreliable.

So, if that buyer was used to one of the other sites, and hadn’t really read through the ToS, he or she might not have thought anything about it. The strangeness of this specific email could be nothing more sinister than an indication that the buyer isn’t any good at communications.

Still, because this is Fiverr, it’s best to just ignore the email, as the others have already advised.

I would message him via Fiverr (our only allowed place) and explain the rules about no contact off-site, that it’s designed for both buyer and seller protection, and that because of that you’ll have to do all business on the Fiverr site. Then ask if he/she would like to proceed with the order. Be as polite (but still firm) as possible.