Feeling Abused


I don’t know about anyone else; but, ever since I was promoted to TRS, I feel like buyers have been abusing me left and right - wanting their order right away but not wanting to pay extra for it! Since I’ve been promoted, I’ve had to cancel 5 orders. What Gives?!

Perhaps it’s just a matter of getting bad buyers, impatient buyers, cheap buyers… or something. I don’t know but dang it…


Reply to @emasonwrites: This is a very good comment. :slight_smile:


I’m on the same boat now :slight_smile:


Reply to @teerika: I am with you. I started seeing success at level 1, wasn’t worried about levels. Push back the delivery time and slowly go up on your price until the demand is where you want it. On complicated gigs, I don’t offer express at all. It allows me to pace the work better.


First of all, congrats on becoming a TRS!

Second of all, I’d wager this problem is a combination of a couple of things: a higher number of buyers (more buyers in general would probably mean more buyers being demanding and/or rude), mixed with a rash of new buyers from Fiverr’s recent promotional efforts, who are expecting things “faster” and “on budget” (the commercial says and then flashes $5 across the screen).

Okay, so it’s probably unfair to blame it all on the new advertising campaign, but there definitely has been a bit of an uptick in buyers asking why it takes me so long to fulfill an order or even being a little offended when they find out their request for 1500 words will cost more than $5.



Wow. I was wondering how the next level would affect me. I don’t pay much attention to levels because I just want to enjoy doing what I do with no pressure but the next level for me would be TRS. If what you say is true, I am not interested in becoming a TRS. I like the slow but steady stream of buyers I have now and I know everyone is not a good fit to work with me.


I think it has less to do with levels than it does the times. Fiverr seems to be getting a lot of new buyers these days. I have similar problem as you and in most cases they are new buyers (you can check the date they became a member on their profile). The “not reading gig description” is the biggest problem.

When I get a $5 order and they are asking for $50 worth of work, it usually ends up being a cancellation. Before cancelling I explain that my gig description provides the criteria for a basic $5 gig and what they want would cost XXXX. I think only once I had someone actually pay the extra after ordering.

Besides the new ads Fiverr is putting out, they really do need to change the ordering process but I won’t hold my breath. Even if we have to cancel the buyer gets credit (not a refund) so Fiverr is going to make money no matter what.

I also think the type of gig is a factor. Writing gigs seem to be tough. Of all the posts I read on the forum, it seems writing gigs get abused by buyers more so than most.


It looks to me like Buyers are more likely to seek out Sellers with the best reps. Consequently, as a TRS you are bound to attract more Buyers. More Buyers = more P.I T.A’s.


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I used to feel that way a lot. I actually did something that will probably seem counterintuitive. I actually raised my prices. I used to do 100 words of voiceover for $5, and at that rate, I felt like I got the worst, most impatient customers sometimes. I went to 50 words for $5 (and extra fast went from $5 to $10), and I still got the occasional difficult buyer, but it dropped off dramatically. Suddenly I wasn’t getting the buyers looking for the cheapest voice over. They were actually polite and patient. I don’t know if this would work for you, but it’s what I did, and to be honest, even though I don’t get flooded with as many orders as I did before, I make about twice what I did before, and the buyers are nicer. Just something to think about.


Reply to @emeraldawnn: I totally understand what you mean! (And you’re being extremely coherent, don’t worry.) I will have clients do the same exact thing. I’ve even had clients order articles through my tip gig because it has the shortest delivery time and some people think they’re being clever and can trick or force me into having to do their work faster if they order through that gig and act like they ordered a real gig.

I literally had one client say something like, “I didn’t think you’d notice.” Yeah, because I’m super dumb and don’t keep detailed records of who orders what and when.

The problem is that I feel like most buyers are awesome. They’re generally easy to work with, very nice, and understanding. It’s just that the mean, demanding, unreasonable, or “tricky” ones just have so much more emotional weight, if that makes sense.

When I first started out, I tried to comfort myself with the idea that this was just some silly side thing I was doing while I was looking for a “real” job, and that I didn’t have to let people get to me, because I wasn’t reliant on this, so if one buyer took it upon himself to kill my business, it would be alright. Many sellers, myself included now, don’t have the luxury of that attitude.

I do think there needs to be some serious thought about an extension or other solution for instances when buyers place a bulk order of gig multiples. If a buyer places an order for the maximum number of gig multiples, that might be three days of work, depending on what you offer. That’s not a monumental deal for some people (like me), whose delivery times are extended to meter the flow of work and don’t necessarily reflect how long it takes to actually deliver. But for someone who has a ten day delivery time and delivers on the ninth or ten day–or, even worse, someone who has a 24 hr delivery time, it’s a very big deal.

I know Fiverr has said in the past that we should treat twenty gig multiples the same way we would treat twenty different buyers. But here’s the thing: you can cut your stream of work off after fifteen different buyers, if that’s your daily limit. You can’t do the same thing to a bulk order.

Anyway, that was a very a long response. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I’d like everything to be good for everyone, and it might be easy for me to say “kill it early or just knuckle in and do it,” about troublesome orders, but that’s not how everyone operates.


Reply to @emasonwrites: Thank you for that… (I would have written sooner, but I was busy dealing with this client’s work).

This client was a big reason my gig now has a 25-day turnaround time and no extras. The material he has me rewriting is horrible. And, I mean… I literally did not KNOW what some words meant because they’re off the wall - words you wouldn’t use in regular conversation - type of words. Even Hubby, who like me, had to question this guy’s efforts. I dunno! Thankfully, as of today, I WILL BE DONE. Just need to add something to it (which I’m about to do) and finish up the TOC and that be that.

What really bugs me - and I try not to let it - is when you tell clients ORDER on this gig for the timeframe I told you… and they order another gig entirely to get a shorter timeframe. UGH! I swear each client these days seem to think they are my only client.

I think part of the issue really is the queue in that it doesn’t accurately reflect our queue numbers. What do I mean, you may ask? Well, if a buyer order a $5 gig… it’s counted as ONE gig… But, say a buyer orders $50 worth of articles… it, again, only counts as one gig… WHEN WE ALL KNOW… it’s a multiple gig. (I’m not sure if there is any real solution to that)… but I can’t help but think that some buyers feel like everything in the queue is just a single order - when, in fact, most of the time, my queue is full of bulk orders.


Forgive me for any errors or things don’t make sense!.. I’ve been up since 3:30 a.m. (my typical time) and I’ve already managed to get one article done and bills paid too!

Thanks again and take care…





Reply to @meliara: This has been my experience as well. I’ve raised my rates a couple of times and each time the quality of my orders/customers has improved.


Reply to @tsweezey: It makes sense. People looking for reasonable quality at a low rate will generally have a ‘quality’ mindset - if things are too low-cost they won’t trust it.


*Just clearing a text box.


Sounds like a lot of groupon shoppers use fiverr! I thought sellers were trying to make a living not trying to be philanthropist.


Reply to @emeraldawnn: I hope things get better for you, as writers we both struggle with people that don’t read, so the challenge is finding the way to explain what we do with the least words as possible and yet covering situations that might happen.

Maybe the instructions area is a good space to prevent future problems, perhaps you could have a list of what you gig is or isn’t. Something like:

  1. Don’t expect a lot of communication, if I have questions, I will ask them

  2. Realize this isn’t “I will spend 5-hours rewriting 600 words”, so revisions should not be demanded unless absolutely necessary

  3. Provide clear instructions of what you need

    These are just some ideas, my gigs are completely different from your gigs, so I’m not familiar with your particular situation. All I can say is this is my first month without any demands for cancellation and only one demand for a revision, so I’m feeling very confident.


I’ve decided to offer a client her money back and the order she wanted due to issues on my end…I know she’ll leave negative feedback about how long it took, despite the fact that she ordered on the 29 day turnaround gig and whatnot. (And, no… it’s not even past the deadline. I’m just tired of the drama.)

However, now she’s not going to accept the cancellation until everything is complete. On my end, it is… and I’ve even uploaded the file in PDF format since she can’t open it in docx.

The key issue I am having with her now is that two of her files are two things:

1 - saved in WPS format, which initially I could open but with gibberish inside. Asked her to send them in Notepad or another format and she claims she has no idea how to copy and paste. (sigh… computer basics 101, please!) I taught her how to do it but she didn’t comply. I finally got it to where I was able to convert them myself… and it took a little time because my computer still wasn’t wanting to read it even with open office!

2 - Now, she says there are six files… and she’s correct. She uploaded six files… BUT, as I’ve explained to her 3 times now that the files she has sent me, two are doubled (meaning two files are exactly the same - wording and all!) Therefore, I only have 5 files to technically rewrite from. I’ve told her if there is a sixth file, I do not have it… its not on my end!

Help me here… I’ve done everything possible I can think of. Short of going to CS, is there anything else I can do to get her to finally accept the fact that the issue is on HER end and not mine!