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Feeling boring on fiverr

14 days gone till now not getting any response from buyers .


create a awesome gig every day 10 bids. after 3 month i got my first order :frowning:


Dont lose hope.Continue …Best is yet to come


What were you doing those 14 days?


Me too. After 3 months I have the first order. Congratulation

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Try and try. Read this forum post. you can find tips and make unique gigs.

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Feeling safe & relax by your reply.


Just sending offers to buyer request .Yet got no feedback

May your speech comes true .

Which thing you will advice me .

Thank you for your kind information.

Gigs like business card/logo designs are VERY competitive and people keep
creating them since they can just use images they found online.
Buyers are pretty careful when ordering, so if you want to stand out from the rest
you need to make sure your examples are better than other and also unique and original.
It seems like a good number of images you’re using are things you found online, you might
want to use something that is 100% original and created by you from scratch.


You could try adding to/modifying your gigs. Maybe add more example images eg. example designs. Also I’m not sure that “fabricate” is the best word to use on a couple of your gigs. Maybe try something different. You could reduce the revisions to less than unlimited (eg. around 5 or maybe less depending on the package).

Also you could check what you’re writing in the offers to buyer requests, eg. that it’s specific to that request and specifies how you’ll do what is asked. Maybe try altering the price of the offers a bit and try to make your offer stand out as one that will be picked.


It takes time, the competition is big after all :S
Have you tried promoting your gigs to social media, forums and so on.

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If you need help with something, you are more than welcome to create your own post about it. Posting something that’s irrelevant to the current discussion that’s taking place in someone else’s thread is considered spam (thread hijacking).


@hanshuber16 I didn’t have idea about spam so called THREAD HIJACKING . Will take care next time.
Thank you!

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verb [ T ]

UK /ˈfæb.rɪ.keɪt/ US /ˈfæb.rɪ.keɪt/

to invent or produce something false in order to deceive someone:

He was late, so he fabricated an excuse to avoid trouble.

He claims that the police fabricated evidence against him.

As you’ve been told, you might want to use another word, or someone might report you for offering something illegal.

Also, you might want to use designs that you have created from scratch, to show your potential buyers what you can do, not what you can copy from the internet, and you could try writing your own gig descriptions instead of copying parts of it from the internet.


Don’t lose your hope. Just keep trying and success will knock your door soon.

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Hello. Be patient. First orders are always hard to be. Promote your gigs. Remember, some people here wait months to get orders. Good luck

Maria S.

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Thank you for your good advice.

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