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Feeling burned out

Hey everyone!
I’ve had a look at the forum search to see if there were any related conversations but it doesn’t seem like it.
It happens fairly often that I have to work on pretty big orders that keep me busy for 2 or more weeks and I seem to not really be able to let go after the project is completed. I chose this title not because I’m burned out because of stress and/or time management but rather, I feel sort of mentally exhausted after big projects. At the start of this month I worked on three books pretty much in the same 2 weeks time frame and even now at the end of the month I feel mentally drained. I had a few days of not dealing with any orders in between but there’s no schedule to my “days off”.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? How do you manage to emotionally let go of completed orders?


I feel you! I’ve been here just two months and I’ve already had a mini burn out. I think it’s our brain going on overload when we have a lot of things to do and the feeling of emptiness once a big project is done and then you’re like-'Now what? Mindfulness and analyzing/tracking my thoughts helps me. I’m trying to take consistent breaks nowadays and it’s helping a little. Not full day breaks. Just within the day. When you’re feeling burnt out, you anyway don’t have the mental faculty to work and along with the sluggishness, depersonalization and apathy to people and work, it’s probably best to recuperate and then focus back on more work when you need to. I hope you’re able to get out of this phase!


I don’t have time to worry about finished projects. I usually have 1 or 2 clients waiting in the wing for me to get free. Believe it or not, as a hip-hop ghostwriter i turn down more orders than I accept. Sometimes it’s because I’m booked for the week and the buyer needs work asap or I don’t feel like i’m the right fit for a project. I don’t work on Friday and Saturday for the most part so I use that time to refresh my creative juices and to ease my ever running mind.


It not an easy thing but you just have to keep trying your very best to take some rest work with time on daily basis, and set your goals also don’t forget you need rest and catch some little fun outdoors for some hours to clear off your head


Well, I felt this kinda thing when I decided to upload daily on my YouTube channel. I know that’s not related to Fiverr, but anyways my goal was to upload every day for 30 days. After the 30 days was over, I took a 1 week break. So, complete all your orders and then turn on vacation mode! :slight_smile:


I’ve found the best way to avoid burnout is create longer delivery times that ease pressure and provide for you to take 1-2 days off each week. My current delivery times allow for me to finish work early while not working Friday through Sunday. The extra time at the end allows me to take a few days off before delivering or taking days off in the middle of the process if I feel I need it (especially if the buyer is going to order the next section of a work immediately after accepting the order).


Three cheers for self-care! It’s healthier and more sustainable. Good for you!


That’s some good advise, thanks! Though if I was to just take a break until I felt better I would probably never bother moving a finger again :smiley: Maybe the issue is that I quite literally take work home since I work from home so there’s no proper way of disconnecting from it.

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Weirdly enough, delivery time was not an issue for me, though I understand that many people do get burned out if they are dealing with a lot of stress and deadlines.
For all those big orders I had days of time left by the time I delivered them, I didn’t feel stressed while working on them, but after delivering I usually start feeling sort of depressed and only respond to new requests for the sake of my response rate not going down.