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Feeling Cheated!


I ordered a youtube channel art , Seller did not even read what i have asked him to do. i told him to add my picture in channel art he dint, i told him to add subscribe button he **strong text**dint, Font he used is very dull and pathetic… nobody can read the font… facebook ,insta logo he used is white?? i mean wth… i think i have completely wasted my 25$ for crap work


You can ask to cancel the order if you’re not happy with the results.
If the seller didn’t do anything you’ve told him to, then you can also open a ticket with Customer Support and ask for a refund


ask for revisions before accepting.


i have asked but he is not even listening my words, m not getting any positive replies from his side. how can be any seller this much careless. i had noted him 6 points before starting the work and all were missing in the channel art. i am waiting to see what he is gonna do in this revision. but i am getting a little impatient


you can always go to customer Service with your concerns.


Thanks Uncarved, as i am new on feverr i want to ask one thing that am i still eligible to get my refund in this case when he is not delivering even a 1% of what i am asking him to do?


customer service will help you


You can requested to refund. Look on your right . You will see, resolve section …



Thanks all for helping me out :slight_smile:


Yes, I would definitely recommend opening a ticket for this kind of complaint. Not acceptable.