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Feeling confused with fiverr On-time delivery rate


I have a doubt with my rating. Because my On-time Delivery rate is decreased without any reason. I didn’t have any active orders for about 2 weeks. So how can my rating decrease? Here I attached my dashboard screenshots yesterday and today. Why did this happen to me? Please help me to solve this issue.

Thank you.

Hi @sujanisewwandi,

Have you had any late deliveries prior to those 2 weeks?

On-time delivery is computed during 60-day period.


The rating is calculated over the course of 60 days.
As time moves on, if you don’t have more orders, the total order number (in 60 days) will decrease.
If you have late orders within 60 days, since the total order number decreases, your on time delivery rating also decreases.


No, I delivered my orders on time.

If you are sure that all of your orders were delivered on time, it is probably a glitch. You can contact CS to ask for help in this case.
One thing I have experienced myself, that after the order is delivered, several days later the buyer decided to upgrade his package and purchase extra gig. Then the clock activated and the order was marked as late. That’s a glitch too.

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I didn’t accept new orders because I had a semester exam. I completed a few orders from my regular customers. But I delivered all orders before the due date.

I’m sure I delivered on-time. Thank you for your advice. I’ll contact CS. :blush::+1:

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Go to manage sales. Then click on the late heading to see what orders have been marked late.

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I think the “late” section in “manage sales” is just for active orders not complete orders.
I think the only way might be to select each order within the “completed” section (eg. open each as a new tab) and see on the order page if it says it was late.

You might also be able to tell from the “delivered at” and “due at” dates on the “completed” tab of the “manage sales” page but that would probably exclude those that were late but less than a day late (it also wouldn’t show if a later date was delivered on time because of an “extend delivery” request).

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