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Feeling disappointed in wait of orders 😳

Hi, i am new on fiverr and trying my full potential to get an order, but all in vain. Kindly someone guide me how to start getting orders.

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Try to broaden the amount of gigs you have! They are free, after all, and it’s easier for people to find you when you have multiple gigs. Also, try to use more keywords. The tag that you’re using may also be crowded by bigger competition, so try using a tag with less heat in it.

Thanks for your wothy suggestion, i would definitely try these :slight_smile:

First off: Asking this question is the same like going to eBay and asking “What should I sell?”

Second: You offer a writing gig and claim that the grammar is correct, but it isn’t. You have mistakes in you profile and in your gig. Nobody will buy something like that.

You are cute, I give you that. However, have a closer look to your gigs. In the description you offer contact via e-mail, Skype, FB a.s.o.
All this is violating the ToS.

thank you for your pleasant views, i guess there must not be any hesitation in asking anything. Questions lead to fruitful discoveries :slight_smile:

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app 2 - 3 or gig add krein, related to your previous one, or description attractive rakhy, or 1 to all sb describe kre apne services k bre me or q aapki service achi ha.
apni profile photo bhi laga, khair se apni nai tu at least net se kisi larki ki ye appka business me bht impact kre ge.

Consider the following:

  • Proof read your gig description: If you’re providing a fiverr gig, make sure without a doubt that your writing skills are flawless. Mine aren’t thus I do voice overs. LOL

  • Take advantage of the characters allowed in your gig description: Don’t over do it, but add some splash, personality, etc to help connect with your visitors.

  • Refresh your browser often: At times people will win a gig just because they are online and responsive. Availability betters your chances. The site times out quickly so, be sure to refresh when sitting at your screen.

  • Examples: Take advantage of your photo slots AND most importantly your pdf. Why don’t you have a video? All of these help a buyer better understand what they would receive as a service. So, give them somethin to think about.

I could provide more, but I think that’s a good start.


Bohat shukariya, mai apki hdayaat k mutabik apni GIG ko behter krnay ki koshish krti hn aur es say related gigs bhi bna laiti hun. Aur umeed krti hun k kuch kaam bn jaay :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @Jwaynevo
i’ll follow your instructions and now i am hopeful that things would work in a better way than before :slight_smile:

Make sure you gig is top notch. No errors and has a good sales pitch to convert buyers. Make a high quality video if you can. People want to see who they’re working with. Go and make your ten offers per day.

That will be a good start.

I don’t want you to be demotivated but you still have quite a long way to go. You should be working on your skills first before you expect people paying for your them. If you think you can do others things on Fiverr then you should start them. There are plenty of gigs that you can do that are no-brainers like data entry. I would suggest to do them while you master your skills on something that you’re passionate about. Trust me, getting your first sale isn’t that difficult. There are plenty of potential buyer orders in the buyers request section. Good luck and I hope to see you as a top seller someday! :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for your energize support and motivation. Got some hope to rise again :slight_smile:

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