Feeling Happy ! As a Fiverr Freelancer



Yesterday, I have bought a motorbike with Fiverr Revenue. It was my dream but Fiverr had fulfilled it Also, I have bought a lot of things to use Fiverr revenue. It is the best platform to earn money from online. So as a newbie, please try to hard work then you will succeed.

Thanks to all of Fiverr members and Fiverr staffs.


Great bike! How much did you pay for it?


I have paid only $2400 for it :slight_smile:


In my early 20s, I bought a bike for $350 :slight_smile:


OMG ! Only $350 :slight_smile: :wink:


Long time ago, a basic Hero Honda bike, which was then very popular in India.


Congratulation brother :heart_eyes:
Is that Apache RTR 180 with ABS?


Thanks, No it’s RTR 150CC


Apache 150 cc Indian price only $1224 but Bangladesh price $2400 usd.


Yeah that’s the same thing I was about to mention however it’s an awesome piece of Racing Enjoy and be safe.


Thank you so much bro :slight_smile:


nice motorbike :slight_smile:


Thanks you so much :slight_smile:


Nice bike. Keep soaring!


Thanks a lot brother


Thats one nice shade of Blue! CONGRATULATIONS.

(Hope you have put something aside for ‘savings’ as well.)


Thank you brother :slight_smile:


Congrats bro! More $$$ to come!


Nice to see that someone is doing well! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations!:clap:


congratulations :slight_smile: nice one