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Feeling Happy. Just got my 1900 Review. My Fiverr Journey

Hi all,

Just got my 1900 review and thanks so much for all my buyers who trusted my talent and ordered my gigs. It’s been a great journey for me, on fiverr and i am going to complete my 6th year on fiverr by 9th August, 2017.

So many up and downs in the past 6 years and still working hard to deliver high quality designs to each and every client. I have few clients who has been with me on fiverr for more than 3 years and still ordering my gigs.

I have raised my gig prices few months ago because of my 2.5 years ADHD and Mild Autistic child’s treatment and Therapies. I am spending most of my earnings to my child’s therapy. As i have increased my prices i am getting limited number of orders which i am getting more time to spend with my child and playing with him.

Hope to see my child development very soon. Thanks to all fiverr Buyers and Fiverr Team.

Thank you all,


Hats off to you @balubfa12 :sunglasses:

I’ve been following your journey, and I must say you are an inspiration. :tada:

All the best with your child’s therapy. :yellow_heart:


All the best buddy :sunglasses:

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Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:



Thanks so much. I am feeling very happy and positive with all of our fiverr forum community members well wishes.

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Thanks so much for your support.

Thanks so much for your support. All the very best for you.

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Congratulations! There’s nothing more satisfying that receiving great reviews from buyers!

Wishing you well with the personal issues you are facing.


Best wishes to you and your family for your continued success! :slight_smile:

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Great to hear of your success, all the best and best wishes to your child!


Wow! I wish the very best!

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Thank you so much for your support.

Thank you so much and all the best to you :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for your support and Special thanks for your love and care towards my child.

Thanks and all the best for you.


Special thanks for your love and care regarding my child’s health. Thanks so much.

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I know I’m kinda late on replying. I hope all is well. :hugs:

no problem, all the best.

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